Welcome to Lexis Sunshine Coast

We would like to give a warm welcome to our 3 new General English students starting today.


We have Dorian from France, Tamara from Switzerland and Daniela from Colombia.

Nichidai High School

Nichidai 15.10.18 2

We also have 20 students from Nichidai High School joining us for 3 weeks on their study tour. We hope you all enjoy your stay here with us!!

Welcome to the Sunshine Coast

Welcome to our 12 new students starting at Lexis Sunshine Coast today!

2.10.18 Group

We have Martin from Chile, Bruno, Maria, Albert and Judit from Spain, Maria and Mariano from Argentina, Mathieu and Jonas from Switzerland and Satomi and Ayaka from Japan.

Photo 1

We hope you all have a wonderful time here at Lexis Sunshine Coast!

Welcome to the Sunshine Coast

I like to say a big warm welcome to our 6 new students starting with us at The Sunshine Coast Campus.

5.3.18 3

Starting from the left we have Sophia from China. She is joining us for 3 weeks and is very excited to improve her English!

Yukihisa has traveled from Japan to come to the Sunshine Coast to improve his English. He worked part time in his country and would love to work where he can use his English skills. Yukihisa is also excited to see all our beautiful Australian wildlife while he is here.

Yu is visiting us from Japan and in his country he is a Teacher. He has come to Australia to improve his English and hopefully teacher it to his students. He has heard the Australia is a very friendly country and had to experience it for himself!

5.3.18 1

Nicole has traveled all  the way from Switzerland to be with us here on the Sunshine Coast. She works as a Pharmacist in Switzerland and would like to improve her English as much as possible before returning. She has also heard that Australia has very beautiful places to visit and can’t wait to start exploring.

Angie is visiting us from Colombia. She is a student in her home country and would like to improve her English as she thinks that it is very important skill to have. She is also looking forward to traveling around Australia and seeing all our beautiful beaches and wildlife.

Yessika is also visiting us from Colombia. She is a student in her home country and is very much looking forward to travelling around Australia and seeing what this beautiful country has to offer.

5.3.18 2