Welcome 12.11.18!

On this beautiful Monday morning Lexis Sunshine Coast welcomes 11 new students.

Welcome Photo

We welcome Daniel.S & Daniel.K from Switzerland, Gwendal from France, Eduarda, Natalia & Francine from Brazil, Arantxa & Marc from Spain, Jihwan & Kelly from Korea and Saki from Japan.

We hope you all have a great first day & enjoy your time here at Lexis Sunshine Coast!

Welcome 5.11.18

A very warm welcome to the 9 new students at Lexis English Sunshine Coast this morning!

Welcome photo

We welcome

Jerome Botteron – from Switzerland

Sandra Zgraggen – from Switzerland

Michele Sonja Oberer – from Switzerland

Lea Fombelle – from France

Debora Minehi – from Brazil

Raquel Torras – from Spain

Joao Felipe Batista – from Italy

Hakhyun Kim – from Korea

Ruby Ann Green – from the Philippines

We hope you all enjoy your first day!

Welcome to Lexis Sunshine Coast

We would like to give a warm welcome to our 3 new General English students starting today.


We have Dorian from France, Tamara from Switzerland and Daniela from Colombia.

Nichidai High School

Nichidai 15.10.18 2

We also have 20 students from Nichidai High School joining us for 3 weeks on their study tour. We hope you all enjoy your stay here with us!!

Welcome to the Sunshine Coast

Welcome to our 12 new students starting at Lexis Sunshine Coast today!

2.10.18 Group

We have Martin from Chile, Bruno, Maria, Albert and Judit from Spain, Maria and Mariano from Argentina, Mathieu and Jonas from Switzerland and Satomi and Ayaka from Japan.

Photo 1

We hope you all have a wonderful time here at Lexis Sunshine Coast!