Tired? Worn out at 11am? Does your morning look like this?

This is why the AFTERNOON CLASSES are tired. We are having too much fun. At 11am today members from the AFTERNOON CLASSES contributed less than $10 each to share an SUP between 3 people. WASSUP? You don’t know what SUP means? Stand-Up Paddle board.

This is the second time we have done it because it’s just so beautiful and relaxing here on the calm waters of Maroochydore River on the Sunshine Coast. Whilst SUPing away on the river, just a few hundred metres away, the other half of the group was surfing in the river-mouth. Under their amazing surfing coaches’ guidance, one student, who has only surfed 3 times, stood up on a wave for ELEVEN seconds. That’s actually pretty awesome for a beginner and he is the first Thai surfer I have ever seen, so I was stoked (that’s surfing slang for “amazed”).

If surfing and SUPing is not your thing, then there are plenty of other ways to keep yourself entertained. Check out the photos of Philippe’s crazy antics. In the end it was great getting out in the sun before it got too windy, then spending the hot afternoon in the comfort of our air-conditioned classroom.

3 days a week we do awesome activities before class but I would like to think we are improving our English too. Atsuko volunteered to be “event manager” for this activity so she had the opportunity to use her English with other class member as well as deal with the staff at the SUP hire company. Well done Atsuko. I would love to hear some feedback from my students telling me if they think their English is improving or not. ????? Leave a comment below PLEEEEEEASE!  🙂

A big thanks to Soul Man too for providing us with a delicious, healthy snack to power us through our lesson. There were a lot of vegetables on those pizzas. We are delighted you will be with us a little longer.

Anyone else want to feel tired because your are enjoying Australia’s outdoor lifestyle at 11am? Then talk to Sharon about joining one of our AFTERNOON CLASSES. We’d love to have you with us.  🙂

Catch’ya later.

Simon (Lexis Instructor)

Ana’s Cooking Class Activity – Sunset Classes.

Thanks Ana for putting together this blog. Also, thanks to the students who attended this activity. It was great fun.

Improve your Cooking and English skills by Ana Souza

Last week we had a fantastic cooking class with our former student Ana Souza. She taught us how to make quick and very healthy meals. We created some fresh, easy-to-make dips, omelettes, a wholesome quinoa salad and an amazing banana and blueberry ice cream.

The class was not only about the recipes. Ana also gave us many cooking tips and she explained about the benefits of all the ingredients we had. Everything was delicious and easy to prepare.

“I really enjoyed the recipes!!!!” Liz

“We had a great time with Ana.” Atsuko

“I felt like I was on a cooking show. She is a very enigmatic and passionate presenter and I would love my students and others to have the opportunity to join regularly.” Simon

She promised to run more cooking classes and she will be providing information on the Lexis’ noticeboards, so everyone can join!
If you want to follow her work you can look for @insAnna_cook on Instagram.

Thanks again for the opportunity to have these classes with the students.
Big hug,

Thanks Ana

Simon (Lexis Instructor)

Afternoon Classes Snorkelling Activity

Last Friday morning students from both of the afternoon classes drove themselves to Point Cartwright to check out some local sea life. Conditions were a little challenging but if you look carefully you can find all kinds of weird and wonderful sea creatures.

Students donned masks and snorkels, as well as a lot of sunscreen as it’s HOT HOT HOT here on the Sunshine Coast, and basked in the cool, clear ocean around Point Cartwright. We were hoping to see some of the sea turtles that inhabit the area, or some graceful dolphins. However, we had to satisfy ourselves with some colourful reef fish and slimy sea cucumbers. On top of that we were greeted with the happy smiles of some dogs walking on the dog beach.

If this is the Aussie life you want to live, then come join us in the afternoon classes at Lexis English Australia Sunshine Coast. Your fun-filled, English speaking Australian experience is waiting for you. So come on. What are you waiting for?


Happy Birthday to who?



Well it has been about 2 weeks since her birthday but here is how we celebrated it.

Every student is special as is every birthday. But every now and then some students stand out a little bit more. Atsuko has been amazing at energising and motivating everyone to make the most of every moment of every students’ life here in Australia. In class she is enthusiastic and hard-working. Outside class she wants to make sure everyone has a good time.

Most of the photos in our blogs are taken by Atsuko (and Kate). So, thank you for making my job easier and my life more enjoyable. You are an inspiration to many people.

So the evening before Atsuko’s birthday we surprised her for a quick drink, at a secret location, to watch the sunset. After that we went to one of my favourite Japanese restaurants so she could enjoy some sushi. It was delicious.

The following day some students surprised her at school with some flowers and cake, and the whole school, staff and students joined in singing her happy birthday. Even though you are away from your family and friends on this special day, we were delighted to help you celebrate your birthday with your Lexis family 🙂 Happy Birthday Atsuko.

Simon (Lexis Instructor)

Hot Lessons and Farewell Giovanna

After trekking through the lush rainforest to Buderim Falls before class, one of our lovely students allowed us to have our lesson by his pool. You CAN imagine how happy everyone was not to be in the classroom, CAN’t you? Thank you.

Surprisingly we were able to get most of the work I had planned done which was great. It was a little bit too hot and sunny but we could cool our feet in the pool. Our lovely host made it even cooler by providing a delicious BBQ lunch and another student Kate treated us to her delightful chocolate cake.

There was a reason for the extra ado. It was Giovanna’s last class. Another much-loved class member was leaving us. But before you get all teary-eyed, Giovanna still pops in for the odd student night so it wasn’t goodbye forever. 🙂

If you want to make strong friendships and have awesome adventures in Australia while you learn English, please come and join us in our afternoon classes at Lexis Sunshine Coast 🙂

Simon (Lexis Instructor)

Afternoon Class Activities Buderim Falls

About 2 weeks ago, students from both of the afternoon classes met at Lexis early one morning. Thanks to a couple of students with their own transport, we car-pooled our way to Buderim Falls, which is only about 15 min from Lexis Sunshine Coast campus.

After an easy 2km walk through the scenic rainforest we arrived at the waterfall. Due to a lack of rain recently there wasn’t a lot of water but we were still able to have a relaxing swim and a refreshing shower under the gentle cascade.

After a little snack and some healthy yoga in the enchanting forest, we headed back to our cars. On the way we were treated to a little demonstration from some local fauna. A beautiful carpet python, with a very full belly, lingered unafraid within a metre of our viewing platform. It’s great to see animals in their native habitat.

After that adventure we departed Buderim Falls to start our lessons. It was a beautiful day so we decided to do our lessons in a slightly different location. Check out my next blog to find out where.

Simon (Lexis Instructor)


It’s been a while since my last blog about the Afternoon Sunset Classes. Halloween was an all school activity, but I would like to thank Atsuko for being instrumental in getting everyone and everything organised for the party.

One spooky night late in October these scary students devilishly decorated our local BBQ area which is said to be haunted by many a dead, charred sausage. Creepy costumes and malevolent make-up were applied to add some thrilling theatre to the usual bland BBQ area.

If you thought the students looked like Zombies in class, you would have got a big fright at this hellish Halloween haunt. 2 weeks later and rumour has it that some students still haven’t recovered. Their ghosts maybe seen daily in every class room, staring glassy-eyed at their books.