HSP: The BIGGEST Farewell Yet!

The time has finally come to say goodbye to the HUGE group of HSPers that have made up one of the craziest, funnest and cleverest classes I have had the pleasure of teaching! It was a long 20 weeks filled with challenges, excitement and learning, where we all made some very strong memories and lasting friendships! It was very difficult to say goodbye to these 12 young adults who have grown so much over the last 5 months. Let’s take a look at the final day …


As we came to the end of the day, it was finally time for the graduating students to officially graduate and receive their certificates … and a handshake! Let’s take a look at some of the action.

All graduating students received a little gift with their certificates. There was one surprise for one of our students …


Sohee (Korea) celebrates her birthday on Monday (22nd of January), her first day of high school in Australia! Sohee had also been a huge help to me personally on a number of class projects, so it was my turn to say happy birthday and thank you with an enlarged print of a class photo and a soft koala! Happy birthday Sohee, I hope you have a great first day, and an amazing experience at high school.




With formalities out of the way, we went out to the park and began preparing and cooking ingredients for hamburgers on the BBQ! It was a lovely afternoon and everyone worked together to put together some AMAZING hamburgers! Oh, so yummy!

While most were preparing and cooking, some students took a little time out to play frisbee.

… but the hamburgers were AMAZING!! A BIG thank you to Lexis Maroochydore for organising this party for us all!

We wish you all the very best as you all go into high school. I hope you continue to work hard and have a great time! Stay in touch!

Until next time …

Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

HSP: Speeches and Other Stuff!

This week was a little more focused on expanding our students skills in public speaking and delivering speeches. Rather than having the students stand up and blurt out another boring speech, we did this ‘HSP style’ … with fun, fun, fun!! Let’s take a look at some of the games and activities we did this week.


As a warm-up to our public speaking activities, three of our students got the chance to answer other students questions about their future. The catch was that the three students had to take it in turns saying only ONE word at a time. Needless to say, the class was in hysterics as we heard some strange and quite twisted stories of our futures!


With 4 table groups in the class, students took turns choosing a topic at random and delivering an impromptu non-stop speech for 45 seconds! The rules were; the can pass on a topic 2 times, non pausing or stalling, stick to the topic, speak for 45 seconds. Points were given based on their performance and how many rules were broken. The nerves were quickly settled once we got started and realised how much fun public speaking can actually be!


This week’s science focus was on pressure and density, with particular regard to water. Students learned about the workings of a submarine, how it dives, how it resurfaces, and all of the forces that help it to operate underwater. They then got to make their own submarines using a 1.25L bottle of water, a pen lid and some blutak (plasticine). The pen lid, with the blutak stuck to it for weight, floated on the the water at the top of the bottle. But as pressure was applied to the sides of the bottle, the pen lid sank to the bottom. How does it work?? Well, I’ll let you do the research or even the experiment for that one! Here’s a look at the students at work.


We had the privilege of joining with another class to answer some survey question they had made earlier. Their questions focused on mobile phone and internet usage, with questions like, ‘When was the last time you used the internet?’, ‘How often do you use the internet each day?’, and ‘Do you check your phone as soon as you wake up?’. To be honest, some of the answers from my students surprised even me … and that’s saying something!


It was the Melbourne Cup day this last week! What is the Melbourne Cup?? It is the biggest horse race in Australia, and is also the biggest excuse to win/lose money on betting, dress up in high fashion and wear an over exuberant hat! For the Melbourne Cup day this year, our HSPers learned the history of the Melbourne Cup, and were set the task to make a hat for the Lexis fashion show. Although they didn’t win any prizes for the best hat, our students had a great time and they actually made some pretty cool looking hats!

Then there was the fashion parade which was taken out by the lovely ladies in red! A special acknowledgement must be made to Taka (bottom left) for showcasing his extravagant fashion!

Then it was time for the race that stops a nation … the Melbourne Cup! What a race it was, and a nice little taste of Australian culture!

In the end our students had a great time and found the taste of Australian culture very interesting. It was a great afternoon for everyone and yet another chance to mingle with the entire student population of Lexis showing off some crazy hats and enjoying a fashion show!

Join us again for some more crazy adventures in High School Preparation!

Until next time …

Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

HSP: What Have We Been Up To?

During the last few weeks there have been a lot of changes. We have said goodbye to 2 of our students, Hui and Leo, who had been with us for a very long time; we said goodbye again to one of our star students, Miu; we have said hello to a new student (Sammy, from Vietnam) and we have said Happy Birthday to a beloved young lady, Annie! I have recently taken a few weeks break and am now back with a renewed energy and fresh ideas! I would like to thank teachers, Annie and Kate, for looking after the flock while I was gone!


It was an end of an era as we said goodbye two of our longest running students, Hui (China) and Leo (Thailand). It was quite a celebration yet a very sad time to see these boys leave the family. We’re so happy that they have graduated and settled into their high school studies. All the best boys!

Farewell Hui and Leo


Although she has been with our class for a few weeks now, she joined us only days before I went on leave. So, allow me to officially introduce to you the lovely Sammy, from Vietnam!

Welcome Sammy!



It was with great sadness that we said goodbye to Miu, from Maccau. It has been a wonderful 8 weeks with Miu, who was a valuable part of our HSP family. I hope you enjoyed your time in High School Preparation, and I wish you all the very best in your future high school journey and beyond!

Farewell Miu!



What’s this? Pancakes … in English class?? YES! That’s what learning English is all about! During a rare rainy day on the Sunshine Coast, our students were lucky enough to take to the hotplate and cook up a storm! Under Kate’s instruction, our students went shopping for ingredients and cooked up some absolutely yummy looking pancakes. How good do they look?! I wish I was there to enjoy that feast!


What better way to learn about the science (and the vocabulary that goes with it) than to fly your own plane … well, paper plane that is!


The Friday afternoon sport was once again basketball, while the girls improved their frisbee throwing skills!


With Annie’s 16th birthday over the weekend, we wanted to celebrate her sweet 16th together. Annie provided the cake (a BIG thanks to her host family for that!), which was SO big we couldn’t even finish it! What a delicious cake it was! Congratulations Annie! It’s truly wonderful having you in this class and I wish you a very happy year.


So, in just a few shorts weeks there have been so many changes. It’s exciting to see what the future holds for these amazing students and for the HSP class. Remember to stay tuned for more of the latest news from the HSP class. We look forward to sharing our awesome adventures with you next time.

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)



It’s Friday afternoon! – Time for High School Preparation class activities.


The High School Preparation class always spend Friday afternoons trying out new activities. Today was pancake making and it was so much fun! The class split into 3 groups and then attempted to make the most beautiful looking pancakes. Judging by the laughter and amazing smells coming from the common area I think everyone really enjoyed this activity. I wonder what they will be doing next Friday afternoon???


HSP – A New Generation

By this stage, everyone has got to know each other and have already developed lasting friendships. They have even got to know some of the past HSPers as they have come in to visit, an they have certainly learned a lot about life in high school from them! Join us as we take a look at what has been going on lately in the HSP classroom and beyond …


We have had our fair share of class games and activities all aimed at teaching and practising a different skills and knowledge areas. Take a look at a few of the fun times we’ve had warming up to a lesson, engrossed in a game!

A BIG welcome to Sohee (pictured above) who joined us from South Korea last week. She has settled in very quickly and is a valuable part of our HSP family!


In this last week, we were very lucky to have a surprise visit from 3 of HSP’s past students who are currently enjoying their school holidays. Naturally, we brought them into the classroom and interrogated them (in a nice way) about their experiences in their Australian high schools. This interview lasted for quite a while as our current students were so eager to clean as much information from them as they could! A successful lesson which helped to open our students minds to their future in high school. A BIG thank you to Ed, Pris and Alice for taking the time to come in and talk to the new generation of students!

A Visit From Students Past


As part of our science unit, we got the chance to design, hypothesise and create several paper challenges where small groups were given a piece of paper and asked to complete a challenge. These challenges were to support the weight of a heavy dictionary, and to make a bridge between a gap in the tables that will support the weight of a bunch of coins. Well, we definitely have a bunch of ‘out of the box’ thinkers in the class! Here are the results …

All teams did very well … although, I think they may have moved their desks closer together when I wasn’t looking!

Now for the 2nd challenge – to hold up a heavy dictionary with a single sheet of paper …


With a new group of students comes a new lot of sporting activities for Friday afternoons! There’s nothing like letting off a bit of steam on a Friday, and the students have been having a great time.

A great game of soccer. Wow, what a game it was … those boys are quick! Meanwhile, the girls decided to chill out a bit with a game of handball and other (not so rough) games.

We have a lot lined up for the next several weeks, I can’t wait to share it with you all. Stay tuned for our next update from HSP, Sunshine Coast!

Until next time …

Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

HSP: Sad AND Happy Times

Well, there have been good times and sad times. We recently said a very sad goodbye to 3 more of our students – Jazmin (Hungary), Natsumi (Japan) and Rinka (Japan). While we are sad to see them go, we had a great time in the short time they were here. Unfortunately, Jazmin was unable to come on her last day, however, she did pop in very briefly to say goodbye. It was lovely to see her one last time, but we miss her greatly!

Let’s take a look as we said farewell to the other girls …


A 'healthier' farewell!

A ‘healthier’ farewell!

A little class party for the girls that have become such a special part of the HSP class. Then a quick run around at the park while Natsumi went stand-up paddle boarding … lucky girl!

This is the last we saw of Natsumi!

Farewell lovely Rinka and Natsumi!!

Farewell to the lovely Rinka and Natsumi!!

We wish these lovely girls all the best in their futures. Farewell girls and good luck!


Not long after we said goodbye, we were excited to welcome TEN new students! 7 from China, 1 from Macau, 1 from Korea and 1 from Vietnam. They have been settling in very quickly and developing some close friends already. We’re so excited to get to know these students a lot more throughout the course. Welcome to the new students, we hope you enjoy living in Australia and learning English with Lexis, Sunshine Coast!

The Newbies!

Our new HSP class for 2017-2018!


It was a special day for students at Lexis, including the HSPers, last Friday. After the general English classes finished their semester, it was party time … international style! Students from all classes (some from our class also), cooked and provided food from their counties for all to try. Our students loved it so much! Let’s take a look …

And how did our students enjoy it …

Yum yum … !!

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a sneak peek at our new class. As always, stay tuned for more fun and excitement from our HSP class here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Until next time …

Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)


HSP: Debating and Goodbyes

Wow, what a week! Before three of our awesome HSPers sadly said goodbye, we all took part in a very informative and very engaging debate. Using the topic, “Students should wear a school uniform at high school”, our students spent all week preparing their arguments and finally got the chance to have it out with each other in a challenging debate! … more on that later. Following the debate, the students had a chance to play some sport and have a party to say goodbye to 3 of our beloved students.


Well, should students really wear uniforms at high school? According to our students debate outcome … no! Both teams presented some very interesting arguments and delivered them very well, however, it was down to the question time (cross-examination) that set the teams apart. With some excellent attacking questions from Team 1 (with a particularly standout performance from Tim!) and strong answers to their own questions, team 1 were the winners – arguing that students should NOT wear a uniform in high school. Let’s take a look at some of the action that day …

Team 1 – Negative (students should NOT wear school uniforms in high schools)

Team 2 – Affirmative (students SHOULD wear school uniforms)

… well, who knew debating could be so much fun??

The teams (minus Jazmin, who had to leave early).

The winners … TEAM 1!! Well done to both teams who did an AMAZING job in preparing for and delivering their arguments, I’m so proud of you all!


And then we said goodbye in traditional style … with doughnuts and other junk food!!

We wish Eric, Tim and Stella all the very best in their futures as they head back to their countries. Have a safe trip and I hope to see you all again one day!

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)