Welcome to Lexis Sunshine Coast

We would like to give a warm welcome to our 3 new General English students starting today.


We have Dorian from France, Tamara from Switzerland and Daniela from Colombia.

Nichidai High School

Nichidai 15.10.18 2

We also have 20 students from Nichidai High School joining us for 3 weeks on their study tour. We hope you all enjoy your stay here with us!!

Graduation – 5.10.18

Today we say good-bye to 6 of our Lexis Sunshine Coast students.

5.10.18 1

Zannat and Vanessa from Patricia’s Upper – Intermediate class, Yili and Ruth from Annie’s Upper – Intermediate class and Xiang from Sam’s Intermediate class.

5.10.18 2

We wish them all the best with their English in the future and hope to see them all very soon!

HSP: ‘Wildlife HQ’ Zoo Visit

Greetings from the HSP class at Lexis Sunshine Coast! We have been very busy recently with a rapidly growing class of students from China, Japan, Taiwan and Brazil. Last week we had the opportunity to visit the local ‘Wildlife HQ’ zoo, and the students had an amazing time! Let’s take a look …



Wildlife HQ Zoo had a collection of Australian animals, farm animals and exotic animals from around the world. The students loved walking around and looking at them all, and trying to figure out which animals were Australian … and even feeding some of them too!

And a few of the more iconic Aussie animals …


While we were there, our students were able to listen to some of the zoo keepers give some informational talks on some of the animals at the zoo. Although they were challenging, our students had information sheets to fill out, and were intrigued by the talks. First up was the Koala and Meerkat talks …

After those talks came the African Painted Dog and ‘Malay’ the Sun Bear talk. Malay was born in 2008 and is the first Sun Bear to be born and raised in Australia. Her parents were rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Cambodia. WildLife HQ support the rescue of Sun Bears and other animals which are abused and even killed in their native countries.

What a day it was, looking at and learning about some really cute animals, ordering food and drinks from the cafe (wow, some of these boys can eat!!) and running around after emus and wallabys! We hope they all had a wonderful time and learned a lot about Australian and other exotic wildlife.

Join us next time as we take yet another trip to Mt. Coolum!

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

Graduating Students

Today we say farewell to 7 of our students from Lexis Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Lexis Campus

Zi Hang, Jiatong, Yingwen and Yixuan were here doing their High School Preparation Course from China. We wish them all the best with their future studies, especially with their English!

Owen’s Intermediate Class

Thomas from France, Ryota from Japan and Eugene from Latvia are also finishing today. We wish them all the best with their English studies and also their travels around Australia. Good Luck and we’ll see you next time your in Australia.



HSP: Bonding with Japanese Students

Over the last few weeks we have been busy enjoying the company of another study tour from Japan. Many new friendships were created with these beautiful young people, and we all had a whole lot of fun during the three weeks they were here. It was an exciting few weeks and it was difficult to say goodbye! Let’s take a look at what we got up to with our Japanese friends …


In groups, students were given the task of building the best sand castle in order to win a prize. What we got was pretty creative …

Although the groups were pretty competitive, I think they all had a great time!

The finished sand castles …

… and the winners …



We were lucky enough to join the Japanese students as part of our Aboriginal Studies unit to try out our Aboriginal art skills on boomerangs.

… hmmm, not quite ‘aboriginal’ art!!


Take a look at these finished projects …



Or course, we HAD to play as many ‘Aussie’ sports as we could! We started with ultimate frisbee (not really ‘Australian’ but definitely NOT Japanese)!

Then we ended up with cricket!

It was such a great experience with such a lovely group of Japanese people! We had a great time and we were so excited to meet you and join in the fun with all of you. We hope you had a great time in Australia, on the Sunshine Coast!

Join us next time as we welcome some new students who will be visiting us from China for 3 weeks, we can’t wait to meet you! We will also be saying goodbye to one of our longest running HSPers, Boss. Don’t miss it!

Until then …

Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

HSP: UFOs And The Unexplained

Recently there was a post from the HSP blog featuring photos of the students graduation ceremony. In those photos, students are holding their certificates along with a mystery photo. There have been questions as to what these photos are, so I would like to clear up any rumours that may be circulating.


It was back in week 17 when the class went out to park for a casual hunt for the unexplained, objects in the sky, mysteries … unidentified flying objects (UFOs)! Several students caught glimpses of some wizzing by in the sky and some even took snapshots of them mid-flight. Here are some of the UFOs that were caught on camera by some of our students:

We were all very excited about the discovery and the photographic evidence that we had of these UFOs, however, before we could celebrate there was a sudden turn of events. the UFOs we were chasing … suddenly began chasing US! There was a rush of loud noises and lights everywhere, and although none of us can remember many details about the event, I was lucky enough to snap this picture:


It’s clear from the photo that we were all very lucky to have a narrow escape from these UFOs. I think we must have upset them a little too much after taking photos, but one thing’s for sure, we will all certainly have a very big and a very strange story to tell!

Until next time …

Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)