Graduating Students 29.06.2018

Today we say goodbye to 11 wonderful students, some who have been here a very love time, and others not so long. Regardless we will miss you all! πŸ’™

Mariana & Roxane are graduating from Annie’e Intermediate Class1MarianaMariana is a highly motivated and enthusiastic student. She interacted really well with other students and had consistently high test scores, which was a reflection of the work she put in inside & outside of the classroom. Good luck Mariana and enjoy your time in Brisbane!RoxaneRoxane was also a motivated students who interacted well with her classmates. She always completed homework & self study and received good test results because of it. We wish you all the best for your future Roxane.

Solene is graduating from Peter’s Advanced ClassSolene6Solene has attained an excellent level of English and should feel confident about managing almost all situations in the language. She has been a fantastic member of the school and will be missed. All the best for the future Solene!

Alex is graduating from Sheryl’s Upper-Intermediate ClassAlex4Alex has made a lot of progress over his last few weeks. He has been completing all homework and writing tasks with accuracy. His pronunciation is sufficient for everyday communication with native speakers. We will all really miss you Alex & we wish you all the very best for your future.

Juliane & Yu are graduating from Sonia & Hayley’s Intermediate Class7JulianeJuliane is extremely capable across all skill areas. She is highly motivated and encourages other students if they need assistance. She always asks relevant questions to improve her understanding of grammar points. We wish you all the best Juilane!YuYu has been an absolute pleasure to have in the class & the school. He is a hard worker who’s determined to speak well and master all the skills. Well done Yu, good luck in the future!

Thanaporn is graduating from Patricia’s Elementary ClassThanaporn5Thanaporn has been a pleasure to have here. It has been a challenge for her but she is steadily making very good progress. We wish you all the best for the future Thanaporn!

Karoline is graduating from Ellie’s Upper-intermediate Class3KarolineKaroline was absent quite a bit but her English has improved so much, especially her speaking. She should be very happy with her improvement. All the best in the Business Course Karoline!

Ian, Megumi & Tiger are graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class2IanIan has developed a good understanding of the IELTS test and has been able to implement test-taking strategies, especially in his written work. Thank you for being a part of the Lexis family for over a year! We wish you all the best Ian.MegumiMegumi has worked extremely hard ad made excellent progress in all her English-language skills. especially reading and writing. She regularly contributed to class discussions and completed all assigned tasks. Good luck in your future Megumi!TigerTiger is a pleasant student who regularly contributed to the group. Her communication skills have greatly improved in the last couple of months and she is also making steady progress in grammar and writing. All the best Tiger!


New Students 25.06.2018

Welcome to our six new students joining us on the not so sunny Sunshine Coast πŸ˜‹
We hope you have a wonderful first day & enjoy your time here.Β IMG_5252
Young is from New Taipei City, Taiwan where he was consulting for a Website System. He is studying English as he plans on studying Cabinet Making at TAFE in the future and would like to make it easier for him to understand. He decided to come to Australia as he likes the environment and surfing here.

Maria is from Valenica, Spain where she worked as a Nurse. But she has been studying in Spain, Ireland & Australia for the past 6 years. She is here as she wants to be at a professional level of English for her work. She had been planning on coming back to Australia since she left 2 years ago because she really enjoyed her time here and wanted to give herself a second experience.

Felipe is from Itupeva, Brazil where he was pursuing his career in Civil Engineering. He wanted to come to Australia because he thinks it is a beautiful country.

Lucas is from Jundiai, Brazil. He is here studying English as he wants to know a second language and chose Australia because of the beautiful place, girls & beaches.

Po-Hsun is from Yilah, Taiwan where he was studying in Junior High School. He is here because his Mum believed it was a good opportunity for him to improve his English.

Rebecca is also from Yilan, Taiwan studying in Junior High School. She is here because she wants to be able to have good conversations in English and wanted to come to Australia because of the beautiful view.