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Cambridge Classes Afternoon Activity

To celebrate successfully completing their first week of Cambridge study, the FCE & CAE Classes ventured outside the classroom to do some enjoyable, yet educational, team-building exploration of the local area. IMG20180323140119Whilst enjoying the sunshine next to the river at Cotton Tree, students were required to photograph themselves with a variety of objects, people or places.

Here’s a glimpse of the fun they had. IMG-20180323-WA0006IMG-20180323-WA0013IMG-20180323-WA0015

Graduating Students 23.03.2018

Congratulations to all of our graduating students at Lexis Sunshine Coast today 🎉

Luiz & Som are graduating from Dave’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_1556Luiz worked very hard and is now able to understand, process & express complex ideas in English. He should be very proud with how much he has improved. Good luck in the Business Course Luiz!

Som is not leaving Lexis for good but is transferring to our Brisbane Campus. So far she has done so well in improving in all areas of her English. She should be really proud of her hard work & discipline. Good luck & all the best in Brisbane Som!

Taewoo is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. IMG_1561Taewoo is also not leaving Lexis but just transferring to our Brisbane Campus. He has worked hard and has gained a lot of confidence. Good luck in Brisbane Taewoo, we wish you the very best for your future.

Ramon is graduting from  Sonia’s Upper-Intermediate Class. IMG_1534Ramon has worked diligently, participates fully and was a pleasure to have here at Lexis, in and out of the classroom. Good luck for your Next adventure Ramon, all the best!

Lee & Masato are graduating from Owen’s Elementary Class.IMG_1465IMG_1468Lee was a pleasure to have here at Lexis. He was a very hard worker and very enthusiastic about learning English. Keep working hard at your English skills and we are sure you will continue to improve very quickly, all the best Lee!

Masato was a great student who had a lot of confidence. He worked very hard while studying at Lexis and always had a positive attitude. All the best in your future studies Masato!

Bruna & Daniela are graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.IMG_1562IMG_1559

Bruna has made excellent progress in all her English language skills, especially reading & speaking. She has demonstrated a very high level of competency. Good luck for your future Bruna!

Daniela has worked extremely hard to improve all her English skills and has also demonstrated a very high level of competency in both speaking and writing. All the best for your future Daniela!

Nic is graduating from Jonny’s Intermediate Class. IMG_1558Nic has shown great enthusiasm in her studies, which is a great thing. She has worked very hard to improve as much as she has. All the best Nic, we are sure you will be successful in whatever you decide to do!

A special thanks to Som for bringing in her beautiful little girl…
It made everyone’s Friday!

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New Students 19.03.2018

Welcome to our new General English students and our Cambridge students joining the #lexisfamily today.


General English Starters

Yu is from Kobe, Japan where he studies Business at Kobe University. He is studying English because he wants to use it in his Business degree in the future & chose to come to Australia because of the beautiful sea and sky.

Rafael is from Santa Maria, Brazil where he is a Forest Engineer and the CEO of of a Biotechnology Company. He is here to improve his English as it is very important for his work and chose Australia because it has always drawn his attention for the economic prosperity and entrepreneurial activity for young people like himself.

Yeon Soo is from Cheon-An, South Korea where he is studying Bio-engineering. He is here to earn money and travel in a beautiful country.

Eva is from Brno, Czech Republic. She chose to come to Australia because of the nice weather, friendly people and beautiful nature.

Libor is from Brno, Czech Republic where he works as a Director. He is here for a holiday and wanted to come to Australia because he believes it is a very happy country.

Sara is from Tokyo, Japan where she was working at a Bakery. She is studying English to improve her skills before going to TAFE. She chose Australia because of the nature and the friendly people.


Cambridge Starters

Nicolas is from Niederurnen, Switzerland where he was a Chef Master Sergeant in the Swiss Army. He is here to improve his English and chose Australia because of the weather.

Isadora is from Goiania, Brazil where she was studying Architecture. She is here to improve her English before starting University here & chose Australia to study in as she has relatives that live here.

Alex is from Barcelona, Spain where he worked in an Office. He is here to get his Advanced Cambridge Certificate and chose to come to Australia because of the people he met when travelling around South-East Asia.

Ornella is from Sarn, Switzerland where she worked as a Secretary in an Office and will return to that job when she goes home. She is here to enjoy the beautiful weather while improving her English & meeting new people.

Alina is from Switzerland but after this course will be going to Dubai to study Art & Interior Design. She is here to improve her English and to experience the beautiful weather.

Antonia is from Bern, Switzerland where she worked as a Banker. She is here to enjoy the temperature and to experience a new country.

We hope you had a great first day, we can’t wait to get to know you all!