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New Students 4th of December

A big welcome to Bruno, Marcia, Jureeporn, Juan & Antonia.
We are so happy to have you here with us at Lexis Sunshine Coast!04.12Bruno is from São Paulo, Brazil where he works in Advertising. He is here because he doesn’t understand much English and has been told that Lexis has excellent classes. He chose the Sunshine Coast because it is a beautiful city with beautiful beaches, great lifestyle and good people.

Marcia is from Goiânia, Brazil where she was a Business Woman. She is here to improve her English and chose Australia because her family studied over here.

Jureeporn is from Thailand, she is here because wants to improve her English and eventually wants to live here as well.

Juan is from Buenos Aires, Argentina where he worked as an Industrial Engineer. He is here because he wants to travel Australia, get to know the culture and improve his English for his job.

Antonia is from Santiago, Chile where she was a High School Student. She is here to improve her English as it will be helpful for University & Jobs. She chose to come to the Sunshine Coast because of the beach and a lot of people recommended this place to her.

Graduating Students 01.12.2017

Congratulations to all our wonderful students graduating from Lexis Sunshine Coast today. It has been so great getting to know you all. Goodbye & Goodluck! 💫IMG_6853IMG_6854Yuki is graduating from Sally’s Intermediate Class. He has been a very respectable student and has a strong grasp of the English language. His participation in class has been fantastic and he will be missed by his classmates. Good luck & all the best Yuki!

Jules is also graduating from Sally’s Intermediate Class. He is a highly motivated student with a fantastic attitude towards learning and strengthening his English. We wish you the very best for your future Jules!

IMG_6856Sammy is graduating fro Owen’s High School Preparation Class. She has been a lovely student and a very hard worker. We wish you all the best at High School Sammy, we are sure you will have no problem fitting right in!

IMG_6852IMG_6833Isabel is graduating from Kate & Emily’s Elementary Class. She has been a wonderful student who has engaged and participated enthusiastically in all group and class activities. She has worked extremely hard and it will be sad to see her go. Good luck Isabel, we hope to see you back here with us soon!

IMG_6819IMG_6839Haruka is graduating from Dylan’s Pre-Intermediate Class. She was a perfect student and worked very hard to improve her English skills. Thank you Haruka, good luck for your life & travels!

IMG_6814IMG_6855Marcia is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. She has worked very hard and should be extremely proud of her improvement. She was a popular member of the class and always worked well in the group. We wish you all the very best for your future Marcia!



Noosa National Park

On Friday afternoon Lexis Sunshine Coast students were lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful Noosa National Park. 1312
The National Park features the spectacular coastal scenery of Noosa Headland, and nearby areas around Lake Weyba, Peregian and Coolum. Surrounded by development, this park is a wildlife sanctuary, protecting beautiful stands of eucalypt forest, woodland, melaleuca wetland, colourful wallum heathland and pockets of dense vine-strewn rainforest.

Unfortunately we didn’t spot any Koalas, Dolphins or Whales but how could you be disappointed with that when you get to see these wonderful views… We couldn’t have chosen a better start to our weekend! ✨

New Students 27.11.2017

Welcome to this wonderful bunch joining us at Lexis Sunshine Coast! So nice to meet you all this morning, we hope you have a wonderful first day!27.11Diana is from Trujillo, Peru where she was working as a Barista. She had just finished studying to be a Flight Attendant and then started studying Pastry. She is here to improve her English as she wants to study Cookery in TAFE. She chose to come to Australia because her brother & sister live here and she thinks this country in just wonderful.

Juliana is from Porto Alegre, Brazil where she was Studying Law. She is here because she wants to improve her English and she has always dreamed about living in Australia even if it is just for a short time. She has always wanted to come here to get in touch with all of the different cultures & to explore the amazing nature.

Luiz is from Foz Do Igaucu, Brazil where he worked with his Dad on a Farm. He is here to improve his English skills and chose Australia because of the amazing energy he believes this country has.

Youngjun is from Busan, South Korea where he worked as a Pipe-fitter in a Shipping Yard. He is here studying English because he has studied at this school before and he enjoyed it so he decided to come back. He chose Australia initially because his girlfriend was studying Nursing here so he came with her.

Angel is from Malaga, Spain where he worked Developing and Designing products as a Mechanical Engineer and a Software Design Teacher.  He is here studying English because he knows he needs it to be able to get a well paid job in his country. He chose to come to Australia because of the exotic places, good weather and the quality of life.

Blanca is also from Malaga, Spain where she works as a Tax Adviser. She is here to improve her English for her CV and to find a better job in Spain. She chose to come to Australia because she had many friends that have told her about their experiences here and because the weather is just like her city in Spain.




Graduating Students 24.11.2017

A very sad but happy day today! A massive congratulations to our Cambridge students finishing today, you have all worked so hard and it has been an absolute pleasure having you all here. Best of luck for your exams in the coming week & enjoy your travels around Australia! IMG_6520IMG_6518IMG_6519

Same goes for our General English graduates, all the best & thank you for being a part of the #lexisfamilyIMG_6517Juhee is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. She has grown in confidence as she has progressed in the course and should feel very proud of her improvement. She has been a great member of class and will be missed by the other students. We wish you the very best for your future Juhee, good luck!

IMG_6521Anja is graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She is a strong speaker and has a broad understanding of vocabulary and grammar. She has been a pleasure to know and and to have in the class. Good luck for your future Anja!

Juliana is also graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She is a diligent student who knows the course material well and demonstrates a clear understanding of the language. We will see you when you return for Cambridge in January Juliana, enjoy your break!

HSP: Speeches and Other Stuff!

This week was a little more focused on expanding our students skills in public speaking and delivering speeches. Rather than having the students stand up and blurt out another boring speech, we did this ‘HSP style’ … with fun, fun, fun!! Let’s take a look at some of the games and activities we did this week.


As a warm-up to our public speaking activities, three of our students got the chance to answer other students questions about their future. The catch was that the three students had to take it in turns saying only ONE word at a time. Needless to say, the class was in hysterics as we heard some strange and quite twisted stories of our futures!


With 4 table groups in the class, students took turns choosing a topic at random and delivering an impromptu non-stop speech for 45 seconds! The rules were; the can pass on a topic 2 times, non pausing or stalling, stick to the topic, speak for 45 seconds. Points were given based on their performance and how many rules were broken. The nerves were quickly settled once we got started and realised how much fun public speaking can actually be!


This week’s science focus was on pressure and density, with particular regard to water. Students learned about the workings of a submarine, how it dives, how it resurfaces, and all of the forces that help it to operate underwater. They then got to make their own submarines using a 1.25L bottle of water, a pen lid and some blutak (plasticine). The pen lid, with the blutak stuck to it for weight, floated on the the water at the top of the bottle. But as pressure was applied to the sides of the bottle, the pen lid sank to the bottom. How does it work?? Well, I’ll let you do the research or even the experiment for that one! Here’s a look at the students at work.


We had the privilege of joining with another class to answer some survey question they had made earlier. Their questions focused on mobile phone and internet usage, with questions like, ‘When was the last time you used the internet?’, ‘How often do you use the internet each day?’, and ‘Do you check your phone as soon as you wake up?’. To be honest, some of the answers from my students surprised even me … and that’s saying something!


It was the Melbourne Cup day this last week! What is the Melbourne Cup?? It is the biggest horse race in Australia, and is also the biggest excuse to win/lose money on betting, dress up in high fashion and wear an over exuberant hat! For the Melbourne Cup day this year, our HSPers learned the history of the Melbourne Cup, and were set the task to make a hat for the Lexis fashion show. Although they didn’t win any prizes for the best hat, our students had a great time and they actually made some pretty cool looking hats!

Then there was the fashion parade which was taken out by the lovely ladies in red! A special acknowledgement must be made to Taka (bottom left) for showcasing his extravagant fashion!

Then it was time for the race that stops a nation … the Melbourne Cup! What a race it was, and a nice little taste of Australian culture!

In the end our students had a great time and found the taste of Australian culture very interesting. It was a great afternoon for everyone and yet another chance to mingle with the entire student population of Lexis showing off some crazy hats and enjoying a fashion show!

Join us again for some more crazy adventures in High School Preparation!

Until next time …

Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)