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Graduating Students 11.08.2017

As another week comes to an end we unfortunately say goodbye to more students… we wish you all the best for your future’s & hopefully we will see you all again someday!
😊💛 IMG_2012Eric is graduating from Ellie’s Pre-Intermediate Class. He has recently improved a lot in class and should be very proud. Well done & all the best Eric!

Tim is also graduating from Ellie’s Pre-Intermediate Class. He was a very hardworking & dedicated student with a great attitude. Keep studying and you will do very well Time, good luck!IMG_2003IMG_2015Jael is graduating from Peter’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She has made very good progress and should be very confident in her everyday English. She has been a pleasure to have here. We wish you all the best for your future Jael!IMG_2013Laura is also graduating from Peter’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She has an excellent level of English and has worked hard to learn new grammar and vocabulary. She has been a pleasure to have in the classroom and will be misses. All the best for the future Laura!IMG_2014Karol is also graduating from Peter’s Upper-Intermediate Class. He has attained an excellent level of English and should feel confident. He was a very popular member of class and will be missed. Good luck Karol!IMG_2016Stella is graduating from Christy’s Focus First Class. She has been an excellent student. She is intelligent & focused and made lots of wonderful contributions to the class. Good luck Stella, you have a bright future a head!


HSP: Farewell Japanese Study Tour

As the week came to a close we were blessed to be a part of the farewell bbq for the Japanese students. A last get-together before the headed back to Japan, we all had a ball … and many of the Japanese students got a taste of an Aussie sausage sizzle for the first time! We’ll take a look at the fun that was had that afternoon, but before I do, let me introduce our newest HSPers who will be staying with us for only a short time before heading back to their countries.


The Newbies

We have two lovely girls all the way from Japan – Natsumi and Rinka, and the lovely Stella, from South Korea!

Welcome Newbie

You know the two blokes (boys) on the ends, Leo from Thailand and Hui from China, but let me introduce the lovely Tim, from China. He will be with us only for a short time before he goes back to China.

We hope you all feel welcome here on the Sunshine Coast and have a wonderful time at Lexis!


As well fired up the barbie (well, pushed the button), Leilani graciously gave her time to cook up some sizzling snags (I would’ve helped, but I had a camera in my hands … sorry Leilani)!! Delicious!

And as you can see the students quite literally devoured them!

It was liked they’d never tasted a sausage before!! Anyway, they had a great time and again, our students had a wonderful time mingling with them for one last time …

… I think their teacher may have been a model once upon a time!! What do you think?

Farewell BBQ: A group Photo (with whoever was left)

And like in typical Japanese tradition, it was group photo time (well, that may have been my idea)!!

We wish them all the very best as they head back to Japan and settle back into school and life. We hope you had a safe trip and we would love to hear from you (or better yet – see you) again. But most of all, we hope you had a great experience in Australia, and we hope you never forget it!

See ya later mate!

– From all of us at Lexis Sunshine Coast (and the HSP class)

Fresh Faces

Welcome to our wonderful students joining the Lexis Sunshine Coast family today.
We hope you have an amazing time with us here at Lexis English.

Keito is from Japan where she works as a Nurse. He chose to come to Australia as the ocean here is so beautiful & the people are very kind.

Julia is from Campinas, Brazil where she is a Student studying Architecture & Urbanism. She also currently works as an Interior Decorator. She chose to come to Australia to study English because of the beauty and the nice people.

Janine is from Basel, Switzerland where she just finished her studies to become a Nurse. She is studying English because it is important in her country and because she loves to learn other languages. She chose Australia because the amazing views, the culture and the people.

Michael is from Basel, Switzerland where he was a trained Electrician. He is here because he really wants to improve his English & what better place to do so.

Chulaluck is from Rayong, Thailand where she works as a Receptionist at a Hotel. She is wanting to improve her English to pass the IELTS test and she chose to come here as Australian weather is nearly the same as Thailand and she has a friend that lives here on the Sunshine Coast.

Alvaro is from Kreuzlingen, Switzerland where he is studying Secondary School Teaching. He is here because as part of his studies he has to take some English courses in a foreign country and he is going to combine his studies with travelling which is why he chose Australia.

Peng-I is from Pingtung City, Taiwan where he is a High School Student. He is here as he really wants to improve his English skills and he chose Australia because it was the closest English speaking country to Taiwan.


Graduating Students 04.08.2017

A big congratulations to the Lexis Sunshine Coast students who graduated on Friday.
You will all be missed!

Kako is graduating from Sheryl’s Intermediate Class. She is a very capable student across all skill areas.She has always interacted well with other class members & received constantly high test results. We wish you all the best Kako!


Nathalia is graduating from Christy’s Focus First Class. She has been an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom. Best of luck in the future & your career in Australia!


Manami is graduating from Owen’s Pre-Intermediate Class. She has been a very pleasant, hardworking student. We wish you all the best in your future & we are sure you will be successful in all you do.

We also sadly say goodbye to the Hatushiba High School study tour that has been with us for two weeks. We hope you enjoyed being here, as much as we enjoyed having you!

HSP: Teaming Up with Japanese Students

Well, this week was certainly an exciting one for us. As a new batch of Japanese students came in, we were able to join them in activities throughout the week, which was a heap of fun for everyone! This week we also looked at some basic mapping and map coordinates and we focused on the Persuasive writing style, building up to having a debate in the near future. Let’s take a look at the action this week …


Our students teamed up with the Japanese students for a good game of soccer (for the girls) and basketball (for the boys). They all had heaps of fun getting to know each other and playing some social team sports. Here we all are in action …

It was ‘team Adidas’ versus the rest! We’re not sure who won in the end but all we know is we had heaps of fun! The game was followed by some volleyball fun, just to warm down.

Meanwhile, the boys were playing a slightly more serious game of basketball.

What a great day for everyone!



This week we started delving into persuasive writing. Students have been learning how to use strong language in their writing to persuade readers. Our students wrote some strong arguments about which is better – white chocolate or milk chocolate! Which do you think is better? Leave your comments below.

Our students will continue to practise making strong arguments for various topics to get ready for a debate next week. That should be a lot of fun and a great experience for them all.


This week was very special indeed. With the Japanese study tour visiting, we were lucky enough to join them again on yet another sporting adventure! This time it was the usual basketball, with the addition of handball (poplar in Australian schools) and Boules. We all had a great time! Lets take a look at the action of the day beginning with some basketball games with the girls …

The boys, again, played a little more seriously!

The girls then tried their hand at handball for the first time. Many of them picked it up quite quickly and were dominating the game!

They then moved on to a very entertaining game of Boules …

We had such a fantastic week with the Japanese students, whom we have come to know very well. Sadly, they will be leaving us next week, so stay tuned to see more exciting pics from their farewell party. We look forward to the party but it will be truly sad to say goodbye. I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at our exciting week!

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

New Students 31.07.2017

What a gorgeous day to join the Lexis family!
It was so nice to meet you all & we hope you have an amazing time with us here at Lexis Sunshine Coast! 🇯🇵 🇧🇷 🇚🇳 🇊🇺

Natsumi is from Japan where she is a Student. She chose to come to Australia because she wanted to study at Lexis and because the ocean is so beautiful.

Rinka is from Hiroshima, Japan where she is a High School Student. She is here to learn English because she wants to be an Interpreter in the future and chose Australia because she has friends that live here.

Bruna is from São Paulo, Brazil where she works as a Nutritionist. She is here studying English as it helps to get better jobs where she lives and chose Australia as it was her dream to come here because it is so beautiful.

Tim is from Beijing, China where he is just about to start High School. He chose to come to Australia as he likes the sea and his Uncle & Aunt live here, he is wanting to learn English because he thinks it is very important for his future.