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Afternoon Classes’ activity PING PONG

9am Surfing at Alex Head.

10am Coffee by the River

11am Ping Pong in the park. Do you dislike only having 15min break to play ping pong? And then playing ping pong circles and getting out first so you only play 10 seconds. I HATE THAT! My class played ping for 1hr until they were too tired to play. Aaaah. I love ping pong.

12pm I think we will get some snacks and do some GIL questions in a cafe.

1pm CLASS STARTS. Its getting hot in the sun. Let’s relax with a book at the library. Sounds nice but actually we are practising “reading skills” for IELTs and Cambridge tests. Do you want to learn how to answer academic questions quickly and easily? Come join the afternoon classes. You’ll love it?

Oh! Milan. How was the surf?

Sunset Cambridge Objective First Class 1pm-530pm checking homework.

Hi there. Do you like sitting in the sun on the balcony checking your homework or starting your lesson? Much better than being in the classroom right?

Well my class disagrees. At 9am my students were in their pajamas at home or enjoying surfing at the beach in the hot sun. It was beautiful this morning wasn’t it?

Aaaah but I hear you say…”but we get to finish school and go home at 2pm and enjoy the beautiful afternoon”. Hmmmmn this afternoon was cold, cloudy with strong wind. Not very nice for the beach :((((

When the morning students were going home my afternoon classes had just finished shopping and were having a coffee by the river whilst checking their homework. If you think this sounds more like your lifestyle, we would love you to join our class.

Oh! Gotta run. Our class has just finished now at 530pm, perfect time to get a snack and catch a movie at the Plaza. See you.img-20161005-wa00171

Is this how you want to study in Australia? Afternoon SUNSET CLASSES’ activities, GIL and FCE Focus.

Hi Everyone. Today the Sunset Classes IELTs and FCE Focus went to Cotton Tree park to do Basketball, GIL, swimming and start our FCE Focus lesson. We cooked a healthy lunch together because good food improves your ability to study. We enjoyed the sunshine, swam and did yoga to stay energised and alert during the lesson. We used English in a real life setting and even met some local Australians. We tried new challenges and made new friends, isn’t that part of the reason you are here? And making friends, being part of a group is important for happiness. We would love to have you join our classes if you are UP FOR THE CHALLENGE. Oh and by the way, we learnt something too. Here are some photos from today’s activities. We did some “Picture Description” exercises, amongst other things, which are an important component in the FCE test. Here’s one student’s attempt at a “picture description”. Can you guess which photo it goes with???

“The picture shows a few happy, young people around a table. They have a big variety of food before them and it looks amazing with all the different colours. It would be a pleasure if you could join this wonderful group”

Thanks Joel. Well said.

So do you think you would like to be a part of this wonderful, healthy, happy study group? Rise to the challenge.

See you round the ping pong table.