International Event

TigaoTiago from Lexis Sunshine Coast has organised an amazing event for all Lexis students that would like to attend at Cotton Tree Park in Maroochydore.
What a wonderful idea, a great way to meet new people & have some fun!

New Students 14.05.2018

Welcome Benjamin, Yuri, Sayumi & Vijitra! Enjoy your first day at Lexis Sunshine Coast and we hope your time in Australia is everything that you expect and more. โœจย 14.05.2018

Benjamin is from Granada, Spain where he worked as a Barber. He is here as he needs to pass his IELTS Exam to become a Permanent Resident. He initially decided to come to Australia because it is a safe country with good economy & he also has family over here.

Yuri is from Chiba, Japan where she worked in an Office. She wanted to come to Australia to study English and meet people from different countries.

Sayumi is from Kobe, Japan where she was a Student studying English Communication and International Relations. She is here because she wants to speak English and make foreign friends. She chose to come to Australia because of the friendly people and the good weather.

Vijitra is from Suratthani, Thailand where she just graduating from Bangkok University. She is here as her English is not very good and she would like to improve it & decided to come to Australia as she has family here.


Graduating Students 11.05.2018

Congratulations to our graduating students!
Hope you all enjoyed your time here, good luck with everything in the future!

Oscar & Monika are graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_3559Oscar is a hardworking and motivated student that has produced some steady improvements across all skill and language areas in the time he has been with us. We wish you all the very best for your future Oscar!IMG_3560IMG_3558Monika is a diligent and valuable member of the class. She demonstrates a reasonable knowledge of grammatical and lexical concepts, has a broad vocabulary and is a strong speaker. She was a pleasure to have here at Lexis. Good luck in your new job Monika!IMG_3557

Gilles is graduating from Sheryl’s Pre-Intermediate Class.
Gilles is able to express his ideas in English and participate in class activities. He completes his homework tasks and works hard to improve his skills. Good luck & all the best Gilles!

Thomas is graduating from Annie’s Intermediate Class.
Thomas is a motivated and pleasant student. He interacted well with his classmates and contributed well in class. We wish you all the best Thomas!


New Students 08.05.2018

Welcome Sein, Rika, Viola, Francisco & Feiteng!
We hope you have a wonderful first day & enjoy your time here at Lexis Sunshine Coast!08.05.2018Sein is from Jeollabuk-do, Korea where she worked as an E.M.T (Paramedic). She is here because she wants to work internationally as a Paramedic and because her brother lives on the Sunshine Coast.

Rika is from Chiba Prefecture, Japan where did International Trade Clerical Work at a Logistics company. She is here as she wants to improve her English skills and chose to come to Australia because of the friendly people and the beautiful sea.

Viola is from Vienna, Austria where she was a Student at High School. She is here to improve her English as apart of her ‘Study Abroad’ through her school and decided to come to Australia because it is a beautiful country & she had a friend she could stay with here.

Francisco is from Mexico City, Mexico where he worked as a Administration Manager, while studying his Masters of Project Management. He is here as his Aunt lives on the Sunshine Coast and she has told him Lexis is a good school for him to improve his English. It has always been his dream to travel to Australia, so he is finally getting to experience it.

Feiteng is from Beijing, China. He is here because his wife works here and he believes Australia is a very beautiful country. He is excited to study and improve his English quickly.