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New Students 18.12.2017

A big Lexis welcome to these wonderful guys!18.12.17 Moon is from Seoul, South Korea where he was a University Student, studying Business Management. He is here because he is not good at speaking English so he wants to improve and chose Australia as a friend had recommended it.

Gabriel is from Lisbon, Portugal where he is an Engineer. He is here to improve his English skills before going on to study at an Australian University. He decided to come here to study because of the work, life balance and economical growth.

Pedro is from Franca, Brazil where he was studying Civil Engineering. He is here to improve his English and explore Australia. he chose to come here because he loves the hot weather.

William is from Barcelona, Spain where he has been studying a Bachelor of Biological Systems Engineering & working as a Gym Instructor. He is here to study English because he wants new experiences, to meet new people and to grow as a person. He decided to come to Australia because of all the beautiful things here.

We hope you have a great first day and enjoy your time with us here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast! ✨🌞

New Students 11.12.2017

Welcome to our six new students joining the Lexis Sunshine Coast Family! We are so excited to have you here πŸ˜€Β 11.12Yunju is from Korea, she is here studying English as her sister lives here and has been studying at Lexis for a long time.

Miguel is from Barcelona, Spain where he works in Economics & was also a Dancer. He is here as he needs to improve his English for his work and chose Australia because the weather is amazing and the people are friendly he believes it is going to be a nice experience.

Agnieszka is from Gdynia, Poland but was living in Paris working as a Labour & Health Lawyer. She chose to come to Australia to studying English because of the weather and the lifestyle. She is really excited to see a Koala and Kangaroo while she is here!

Ana is from Cuiaba, Brazil where she was at High School. She is here because she lives the country and would like to speak better English.

Nana is from Tokyo, Japan where she was a student at School. She is here with her father for a short time to improve her English.

Ali is from Gansu Lanzhou, China where he was a student at High School. He is here to learn English before attending an Australian High School.


Graduating Students 8.12.2017

Congratulations to our graduating students! It was a pleasure having you all here and we will miss you! Good luck in your next adventures ✨IMG_7033Kohei is graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class. He displays a positive attitude toward learning English and demonstrates a solid grasp of grammatical concepts. Good luck Kohei, and all the best you in your future!

JJ is also graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Class. She is improving gradually and always works hard when she is in class. Good luck JJ!IMG_7031IMG_7032Sergi is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. He has been a fantastic member of the class and will be missed by everyone. He has worked hard and has made excellent progress. All the best for your future Sergi!uuyguytufyAntonia is graduating from Simon & Steve’s Advanced Class. She has put a lot of effort into improving her English and as a result had gained confidence in her spoken and written communication skills. Good luck and all the best Antonia!

Karol is also graduating from Simon & Steve’s Advanced Class. He is an extremely hardworking student who has put a lot of effort into improving his English skills. Good luck Karol, we wish you the very best!IMG_7029Laura is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. She has made excellent progress and should be proud of what she has achieved. She has attained a sound understanding of the grammatical structures and should feel confident in handling most everyday situations. We wish you all the very best Laura!

Nao didn’t want a photo but she is graduating from Sally’s Elementary Class. She is a wonderfully motivated student with great respect for others. She participates fantastically in class and with other students. We you you can continue to improve your English and enjoy the rest of your time here in Australia, all the best Nao!