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HSP: Debating and Goodbyes

Wow, what a week! Before three of our awesome HSPers sadly said goodbye, we all took part in a very informative and very engaging debate. Using the topic, “Students should wear a school uniform at high school”, our students spent all week preparing their arguments and finally got the chance to have it out with each other in a challenging debate! … more on that later. Following the debate, the students had a chance to play some sport and have a party to say goodbye to 3 of our beloved students.


Well, should students really wear uniforms at high school? According to our students debate outcome … no! Both teams presented some very interesting arguments and delivered them very well, however, it was down to the question time (cross-examination) that set the teams apart. With some excellent attacking questions from Team 1 (with a particularly standout performance from Tim!) and strong answers to their own questions, team 1 were the winners – arguing that students should NOT wear a uniform in high school. Let’s take a look at some of the action that day …

Team 1 – Negative (students should NOT wear school uniforms in high schools)

Team 2 – Affirmative (students SHOULD wear school uniforms)

… well, who knew debating could be so much fun??

The teams (minus Jazmin, who had to leave early).

The winners … TEAM 1!! Well done to both teams who did an AMAZING job in preparing for and delivering their arguments, I’m so proud of you all!


And then we said goodbye in traditional style … with doughnuts and other junk food!!

We wish Eric, Tim and Stella all the very best in their futures as they head back to their countries. Have a safe trip and I hope to see you all again one day!

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

Starters 21.08.2017

A big Lexis welcome to these smiley faces! It was so nice to meet you all this morning and we hope you enjoy your time with us here at #lexissunshinecoast ❤️🇧🇷🇩🇪🇹🇭

IMG_2435Gabriel is from São Paulo, Brazil where he was studying Management. He is studying English because it is important for his future job and because he wants to be able to communicate with people from all over the world.

Narissara is from Chachoengsao, Thailand where she is studying at University. She is here because she wants to improve her English for her studies and her Aunt lives here on the Sunshine Coast.

Laura is from Porto Alegre, Brazil where she works as a Veterinarian. She is here because she wants to better her English.

Max is from Olbersleben, Germany where he has just finished High School. He is here because he decided to take a gap year to work & travel before continuing his studies.

Graduating Students 18.08.2017

Congratulations to all our graduating students from last week 🎉
Lexis Sunshine Coast will miss each and every one of you! IMG_2436Norbert is graduating from Sheryl’s Intermediate Class.  He is a highly motivated student who has worked hard both in and outside the classroom. We hope you continue to improve your English when you leave Lexis and we wish you all the best Norbert!

Natsumi is graduating from Peter’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She has done very well and should feel much more confident about her English! She has been a pleasure to teach and have in the classroom. We wish you all the best Natsumi!

Christine is graduating from Peter’s Upper-Intermediate Class. She is now able to speak clearly with a wide range of subjects. She has attained an excellent level of English and should confident in her abilities. She was a popular member of class and will be missed. All the best Christine!

IMG_2439Anita is graduating from Christy’s Focus First Class. She has been a very strong and friendly part of the class and will definitely be missed. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your studies Anita, good luck!

Alvaro is graduating from Christy’s Focus First Class. It has been wonderful to have such an advanced student join the class for a couple of weeks. All the best Alvaro!

IMG_2438Rinka is graduating from Owen’s Pre-Intermediate Class. It has been wonderful having Rinka in the class. She has been a great student and was always happy to take part in activities. Take care Rinka & Goodluck!

IMG_2440Jazmin is graduating from Ellie’s Pre-Intermediate Class. She was a very strong student especially in her speaking. Well done Jazmin and all the best!

Defne is graduating from Ellie’s Pre-Intermediate Class. Defne has been a wonderful student that coped well with both school and work. Keep practicing and you will keep improving Defne! All the best!

IMG_2437Jayden is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class. He has been making good progress in his English language skills especially in his speaking and reading comprehension! Good luck in your future studies Jayden!

Yuto is also graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class. He has put in a lot of effort and has made significant progress. All the best Yuto!

Alex is also graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class. He has also made good progress in his English skills! See you in a few weeks for Cambridge Alex!

New Students 14.08.2017

Welcome to our new students joining the #lexisfamily today.
We hope you enjoy your studies with us here at Lexis Sunshine Coast. ✨


Luke is from South Korea, but has been living in Australia for two years. Back in South Korea he worked for a trading company for over 10 years. He wants to live in Australia with his family because he wants to change his job and because he wants his daughter to have more opportunities.

Samira & Stephanie are from Switzerland where they both just finished their Nursing Apprenticeships and started working in a hospital. They are here because they wanted to refresh their English skills and wanted to explore a new part of the world.

Juan David is from Mocoa, Colombia where he works as a Pharmacist. He is here studying English as he wants to achieve his goals at University and also as a professional.

Sabrina is from São Paulo, Brazil where she was a an Administrative Assistant in the Human Resources Department. She was also studying Public Relations at University. She is here as she wants to improve her level and get fluency to find a good job in Public Relations when she goes back to Brazil and she chose Australia because it is a beautiful country, with beautiful beaches and nice people.