Coming Up This Week…

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Speaking Buddies – Level 4, Room 6
2pm – 3pm
Speaking Buddies is a great way to not only improve your speaking but to also make new friends, meet the new students & other students from other classes.

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Job Workshop – 2pm – 3pm

This workshop is great if you are looking for work & would like some extra help with your resume, interview skills or where to go to apply for jobs.

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Bocce in Cotton Tree Park– Meet in the Common Area, Level 6
2pm – 3pm
Let’s spend the afternoon playing some Bocce & having a laugh in the park.

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Grammar Workshop – Level 4, Room 6
2pm – 3pm
The Grammar Workshop is a great way to learn & practice more Grammar in a fun & interesting workshop. It is also a great way to interact with students of all different English levels & different classes.

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Boomerang Painting – Meet in Common Area, Level 6
2:00pm – 3:00pm
We are going to spend the afternoon painting some Aussie Boomerang’s. It’s a great souvenir to take home with you!

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