Graduation 16.08.19

Today Lexis Sunshine Coast says goodbye to 24 students including the Hatsushiba Study Tour that have been with us for 2 weeks!


Eri, Ruri, Masaomi, Koki, Chengyu, Mana, Yuki, Takeru and Rina from Anne’s Elementary class.73045F95-3601-482F-AE93-238E9BBE5612

Kanata, Akari, Koga and Haruna from Kate’s Pre Intermediate class.4B07D698-7057-4743-97AF-8A295B8CF1DB

Eunice from Owen’s Pre Intermediate class.716B3E18-4D3F-464D-A7DC-FFEBB6CDD011

Raffael and Madalena from Hayley’s Intermediate class.88BC5468-3DD2-4DD3-A27E-8C2EA1A5E0D2

Hao-Hsiang, Fabio, Tom and Thamirys from Patricia’s Intermediate class.IMG_0038.jpg

Daniela, Rose Mery, Luisa and Debora from Peter’s Upper Intermediate class.F0D309C5-8015-442C-B60C-3A631E07C83F

We hope you all had the best time studying with us! Safe travels and all the best for the future.

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