Graduation 2.08.19

It’s Friday afternoon which means we have to say goodbye & good luck to 12 graduating students!


Ludmila and Shintaro  from Owen’s Pre Intermediate class.B305C82B-CD46-451A-BF0A-70B9F74AC5C8


Ahmet and Yuki from Hayley’s Intermediate class.7D81DB9C-99D6-4A23-9C7F-57D4570ED359


Ruslan, Ziwen, Kaho and Misa from Patricia’s Intermediate class.BCDD0645-EAE0-41FF-8D0C-6951833B0F15


Rafael, Megumi and Yuki from Peter’s upper Intermediate class.65845F11-AD82-46B8-9E73-5D1965D05538


Jan from Sonia & Liz’s IELTS class.5DE2603C-1543-42F0-B289-31FB0455E6A2


We hope you all enjoyed your studies with us here at Lexis & had a great time exploring the Sunshine Coast!

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