Graduation 10.05.19

On this beautiful Friday Lexis Sunshine Coast says goodbye to 8 graduating students.


We farewell:

Sakura & Bruna from Alex’s Pre Intermediate class.19328BDD-9641-4F7D-98AF-D027AA9CCFE0

Levi, Haewon & Takashi from Hayley’s Intermediate class.94244343-C014-4AE5-A445-CA923C54FA0E

SoYoung(Jamie) from Peter’s Upper Intermediate class.C1A5CC12-A0AC-45B4-801F-DEF7D1F857B5

Clara & Raquel from Sonia and Hayley’s IELTS class.B2CEFEC9-4B28-4087-89D2-EF9CD4F2CB6B

We will miss you all! Hope you had a great time studying with us here at Lexis Sunshine Coast.


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