Graduation 14.03.19

This week we are having graduation a day early due to the Cambridge testing which will be held at Lexis Sunshine Coast tomorrow! On this beautiful Thursday we say goodbye and good luck to 23 students.


Bruno, Eduardo, Andrea, Elisabet, Leda, Melina, Aline, Irene, Caroline, Maria, Natalia & Gabriel from Ellie’s Cambridge CAE class. 


Tayfun, Albert, Katja, Rion &  Severin from sheryl’s Cambridge FCE class. 


Yuki & Andrea from Steve’s IELTS class.


Stefania from Peter’s Upper Intermediate A class. 


Rebekka from Sonia & Liz’s Upper Intermediate B class. 


Tanja from Patricia’s Intermediate A class. 


Aline from Hayley’s Intermediate B class. 

We hope you all had a great time at Lexis Sunshine Coast! Best of luck to the Cambridge students that will be testing on Friday & Saturday.

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