Welcome 25.02.19

Lexis Sunshine Coast welcomes 5 new students this morning!


Lele (Maggie) is from Beijing, China. Maggie is a Primary School student back in China and has come to Australia to improve her English before heading into High School. She chose to study on the Sunshine Coast  because she thinks it is a beautiful place!

Anri is from Tokyo, Japan. She is a Political Economy student at university in Japan. Anri  loves foreign countries which is why she decided to study in Australia. She also picked Australia specifically because of the sea and nature.

Nathalia is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is a journalist back home in Brazil. She chose to study in Australia because she thought it would be the best way to improve her English!

Jessica is from Zurich, Switzerland. Back home she is a store manager in a drug/cosmetic store. Jessica picked to study in Australia so that she could escape the cold weather in Switzerland & she loves Australia.

Ylan is from Marseille, France. In France he was a car salesman for Mercedes Benz. He would like to improve his English so that he can go and work in the USA after his journey in Australia.

We hope you all have a great time with us here at Lexis Sunshine Coast.



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