Graduation 15.02.19

Today is a big graduation day as we say goodbye to 15 students from the Kindai Study Tour and 7 students from the General English and IELTS courses.

Ayuna, Shota, Tatsuaki, Shinnosuke, Aoba & Kei are graduating from Anne’s Elementary class. file-19

Walter is graduating from Emily’s Pre Intermediate class.file2-8

Shuya, Yu.I, Hiroto, Yu.K, Sara & Keiko are graduating from Patricia’s Intermediate class.
(No Photo)

Renate & Anita are graduating from Sonia and Liz’s Upper Intermediate class. file1-15

Kakihara & Yoneda are graduating from Hayley’s Intermediate Class.file4-7

Martina & Elizabeth is graduating from Peters Upper Intermediate class.file3-8

Raquel & Tiago are graduating from Steve’s IELTS class.
(No Photo)

Congratulations on graduating from your English studies!
We wish you all the absolute best for your future!



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