Graduating Students 25.01.19

It’s Friday which means we say farewell to our finishers of the week!

We say goodbye to 13 students:

25.01.19 anna

Kaito from Anne & Marie’s Elementary class. 


25.01.19 sonia

Ying-En & Rina from Sonia & Hayley’s Pre Intermediate class. 

25.01.19 dylan

Thanh Thao & Sunghoon from Dylan’s Intermediate class. 

25.01.19 liz

Anh Tu & Peijin from Liz’s Intermediate class.

25.01.19 patricia

Marcelo & Barbara from Patricia’s Upper Intermediate class. 


Rodrigo from Peter’s Upper Intermediate class. 

Carla & Alejandro from Sheryl’s FCE class. 

25.01.19 ellie

Jonas from Ellie’s CAE class. 


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