Graduation 21.12.18

Today is the last graduation of the year & we say goodbye to 17 students.

21 6

Karine & Leandro are graduating from Sheryl’s Elementary class.

21 7

Gwendal & Ayaka are graduating from Emily and Kate’s Pre Intermediate class.

21 2

Dorian & Sandra are graduating from Sonia and Hayley’s Pre Intermediate class.

21 3

Mathieu, Maira & Kaya are graduating from Dylan’s Intermediate class.

21 5

Angela & Michele are graduating from Liz’s Intermediate class.

21 4

Clara & Edna are graduating from Patricia’s Upper Intermediate class.

21 8

Leda is graduating from Peter’s Upper Intermediate class.

21 1

Seongsoo (Jerry), Fahad & Mayu are graduating from Steve’s IELTS class.

We hope you all enjoyed your studies at Lexis Sunshine Coast!

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