Nichidai Japanese Study Tour (Part 2)

The students from Nichidai Junior High School were with us for 3 long weeks of fun and games … and of course, learning English! We would like to show you the what they all got up to during the 2nd week they spent with us. It was another exciting and exhausting week, and there were SO many activities to get through. It all began with a trip to Australia Zoo. Let’s take a look …



First up on the agenda – feeding the kangaroos!

Next … the CROC show!

And finally, what trip to Aussie Zoo would be complete without holding a koala?



Today was an exhausting but FUN surf lesson at Maroochydore beach! First, training …

Then it was off to the water to put the training to the test. Check out how good they were!

With no energy left, they made their way back out of the water.

Thank you to the surf coaches. All of the students had a blast!



The next day, our students met up with their classmates in Noosa to take on the huge task of walking all the way through Noosa National Park. It was a long trek filled with beautiful views, beautiful beaches and beautiful nature!

Perfect beaches …

I can’t believe we all made it to the top. Wow, that was hard work!



Our students joined again with their classmates in Noosa to learn a few things about how to be safe at the beach. Learning about swimming between the flags and what to do in a rip, it wasn’t long before they were in the water putting these things into practice.

After the classes, it was into the water …

Next, our students got to have fun with some boards!

Finally, it was time to get out of the water and head for the ice-cream shop! Mmmmm …

A good week is a week that ends with ice-cream!

Stay tuned for the final action-packed week that our Nichidai Junior High School students spent at Lexis Maroochydore.

Until next time …

Owen (Teacher of the Japanese study program)


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