Graduation 16.11.18

On this beautiful Friday afternoon Lexis Sunshine Coast had to say goodbye to 3 students.

Graduation upper int A

Marlucia graduated from Patricia’s Upper Intermediate A class. 

Marlucia has been in Australia for 11 months and believes that her English has improved a lot since she first started. The best tip that she would give someone wanting to learn English would be “Speak English only all the time and try your hardest to think in English too!”

Graduation ielts 16.11

Jing Yan (Jenny) graduated from Steve’s IELTS class. 

She has been in Australia for 1 year. We asked Jing Yan what the best thing has been about coming to Australia and studying at Lexis Sunshine Coast and she said that she loved getting to meet new people all the time from all over the world!

Graduation CAE 16.1

Tiago graduated from Ellie’s CAE class. 

We are sad to see you all go but it has been a pleasure having you study with us. Enjoy your next adventure & never forget your time at Lexis Sunshine Coast!


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