New Students 10.09.2018

Welcome to our General English students starting at Lexis Sunshine Coast today 🌞 Have a wonderful first day & we hope you enjoy your studies! GE StartersVanessa is from Zurich, Switzerland where she works for a Bank. She is here as she wants to enjoy the beautiful country & beaches.

Laure is from Vevey, Switzerland where she works as a Social Worker. She is here to visit her family & because she wants to practice her English.

Nadja is from Tegerfelden, Switzerland where she finished her Apprenticeship as a Mechanical Designer. She chose to come here because it is a beautiful country & she has family that live in Perth & because she likes English and there are so many people who speak it all over the world.

Kumi is from Sapporo, Japan where she worked at a Tourist Information Center. She chose to come to Australia because of the kind people & to see the different animals & nature. She is wanting to improve her English so she can speak it well & make many friends from different countries.

Yuka is from Kusatsu, Japan. When she decided she anted to study English she chose to come to Australia because of the sea & the relaxed feel. She is wanting to continue travelling other countries & seeing different cultures.



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