New Students 06.08.2018

A very warm welcome to these wonderful students.
☀️💛IMG_6964Taisei is from Hyogo, Japan where he was at High School. He is here because he visited Australia before and thought it was a beautiful country.

David is from Taipei, Taiwan where he worked at a Baby Powder Company. He is here because he wants to improve his English and make friends from other countries and decided to come to Australia because the weather is good and the people are kind.

Shunsuke is from Tokyo, Japan where he is a University Student majoring in Economics. He is here because his future work requires him to speak English and chose to come to Australia because of the beautiful views and the kind people.

Giovanna is from Itupeva, Brazil where she enjoys playing volleyball, doing Pilates and hanging out with her friends. She is studying English because she likes it and she likes Australia. She also thinks it is important to learn about other cultures. She likes Australia because it is a beautiful place with different things and animals.

Yui is from Yokohama, Japan where is studying Commerce and Life Insurance. She is here learning English because she wants to talk with foreigners easily and chose to studying in Australia because it has the best climate and cute animals!

We hope you have an amazing time on the Sunshine Coast & with us here at Lexis English.

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