English for Medical Professionals (EMP) Class Update

Our ‘English for Medical Professional’ students have been busy in & out of the classroom… take a look at what they got up to last week!EMP photos.JPG.1EMP photos“Our teacher Kate, organized for us a visit to St. Vincent’s aged care, with the objective of introducing us to the Australian health system. We were welcomed by Priscilla, who is the clinical nurse manager of the centre.

It was a great opportunity to meet some of the professionals working in St. Vincent’s aged care facility. We were able to see how different health professionals such as nurses, carers and physiotherapists do their different duties during a normal day-shift. Working as a team, all of them were very committed to provide the best patient care with compassion and empathy.

As a student on the process of becoming a Registered Nurse in Australia is always beneficial to know more about the different healthcare sectors, and after this visit to St. Vincent’s, I have now a better idea and understanding  of the work health professionals do in age care and about the Australian elderly care system.”

– Alejandra, Colombia


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