HSP: ‘Wildlife HQ’ Zoo Visit

Greetings from the HSP class at Lexis Sunshine Coast! We have been very busy recently with a rapidly growing class of students from China, Japan, Taiwan and Brazil. Last week we had the opportunity to visit the local ‘Wildlife HQ’ zoo, and the students had an amazing time! Let’s take a look …



Wildlife HQ Zoo had a collection of Australian animals, farm animals and exotic animals from around the world. The students loved walking around and looking at them all, and trying to figure out which animals were Australian … and even feeding some of them too!

And a few of the more iconic Aussie animals …


While we were there, our students were able to listen to some of the zoo keepers give some informational talks on some of the animals at the zoo. Although they were challenging, our students had information sheets to fill out, and were intrigued by the talks. First up was the Koala and Meerkat talks …

After those talks came the African Painted Dog and ‘Malay’ the Sun Bear talk. Malay was born in 2008 and is the first Sun Bear to be born and raised in Australia. Her parents were rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Cambodia. WildLife HQ support the rescue of Sun Bears and other animals which are abused and even killed in their native countries.

What a day it was, looking at and learning about some really cute animals, ordering food and drinks from the cafe (wow, some of these boys can eat!!) and running around after emus and wallabys! We hope they all had a wonderful time and learned a lot about Australian and other exotic wildlife.

Join us next time as we take yet another trip to Mt. Coolum!

Until next time …

– Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

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