Graduating Students 22.06.2018

Congratulations Joah, John & Megumi!!
We are going to miss you all so much, thank you for being a part of the wonderful Lexis Family 💛  We wish you all the best in your next adventures!

Joah is graduating from Sheryl’s Upper-Intermediate Class IMG_5125IMG_5124Joah is a highly motivated and enthusiastic student. She participated in all class activities and made a big effort to contribute her own ideas. She is really capable across all five skill areas. We wish you all the best Joah!

John is graduating from Ellie’s Upper-Intermediate ClassIMG_5128IMG_5127John has produced some good works. His English is now at an acceptable standard for this level. He has been a popular member of the school and will be missed by his classmates. Keep working hard John, all the best!

Megumi is graduating from Peter’s Advanced ClassIMG_5112IMG_5126Megumi has been a pleasure to have in the school and has always been a popular member of the class. She came to Lexis with a good level of English and has built on that through hard work and speaking at every opportunity. Her teacher has no hesitation in recommending her for a position which involves the day to day use of English with native speakers. Thanks for your hard work Megumi, we wish you all the best!

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