Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk

Lexis Sunshine Coast students spent their afternoon yesterday exploring Buderim Forest Park and finishing at the Waterfalls ūüćÉIMG_5073IMG_5083IMG_5085IMG_5084This is a 45 hectare secluded oasis, hidden on the northern side of Buderim, less than a kilometre from the Buderim Village. This is a rainforest world of tall trees, ferns, babbling waterfalls, cascades and bird calls.

The area was purchased many years ago by the Council as a reserve for all of Buderim.¬†Amazingly much of the creek actually belongs to private land owners as once did the waterfall! ¬†The falls were a favourite recreational place for the region‚Äôs indigenous people and have been¬†unofficially¬†named ‚ÄúSerenity Falls‚ÄĚ, but are widely known as the Buderim Falls.


Lots of smiles and lots of laughs, thanks for a fun afternoon everyone!

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