New Students 18.06.2018

Welcome to Lexis Sunshine Coast!☀️
We hope you enjoy your studies and have an amazing time here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.IMG_4986

Edna is from Manila, Philippines where she worked with Management Information Systems. She is here to pass her OET English test as it is a requirement for her Nursing registration. She chose to come to Australia to chase her dream.

Saoto is from Kumamoto, Japan where she worked at a Dental Clinic. She is here because she wants to speak English well to travel around the world. She chose to come to Australia because it looks like her hometown and because the people are kind and the weather is warm.

Jennifer is from Basel, Switzerland where she had been studying Pedagogy. She is here practice and improve her English because it is the language of the world and she will need it for travelling.She chose to come here as her friend has come to travel with her.

Thanaporn is from Tak, Thailand where she had her own Business. She is here because she likes Australia and wants to learn and speak better English.

Noemi is from Mozzate, Italy where she was studying Architecture & Arts. She is here because she wants to learn a language which allows her to communicate with people from all over the world. She chose Australia because it is a combination of nature and modern life.

Andrii is from Sumy, Ukraine where he was a Restaurant / Event Manager. He is here as he needs to study IELTS before he takes the exam. He initially chose to come to Australia because he just felt like it was the right place for him.

Cindy is from Bogota, Colombia but was studying to be an Industrial Engineer in an American University. She is here as she needs the English to graduate from her University and chose Australia because she found it a very interesting country and believed it was the ideal country to learn English in.

Andreas is from Bern, Switzerland where he worked as a Technician. He is studying English as he needs it for his new job and decided to study in Australia as he was planning to holiday here as well.


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