Graduating Students 8.6.2018

Another Friday means more goodbyes… 😢 Congratulations everyone.
You will all be missed, enjoy your next adventures!

Sayumi is graduating from Sonia & Hayley’s Intermediate Class.IMG_4722Sayumi has been a pleasure to have in the class. She is a friendly and motivated student who interacted well with other students. She acheieved excellent results while studying at Lexis Sunshine Coast. Good luck in Brisbane Sayumi!

James & Yu are graduating from Ellie’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_4721James was a dedicated and enthusiastic student and his English is improving everyday, especially in his grammar. Well done and all the best James!

Yu has worked hard and should feel very proud. He has a great understanding of the grammar he has learnt and this shows in his speaking and writing. Best of luck in your future Yu!

Cristina & Hitomi are graduating from Annie’s Intermediate Class.IMG_4723Cristina is a very motivated student and has been a fantastic member of the class. She made valued contributions and had consistently high test results. We wish you all the best for your future Cristina!

Hitomi was a highly motivated and engaged student. She interacted well with other students, had an excellent attitude and participated wonderfully in class. Good luck in Noosa & all the best Hitomi!

Katarzyna is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.IMG_4720Katarzyna has worked hard to improve her English/ IELTS skills and has demonstrated the ability to communicate skillfully in a variety of situations. She regularly contributed to class discussions and completed most assigned tasks. All the best Katarzyna!

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