Graduating Students 01.06.2018

Congratulations to our wonderful students sadly leaving us today.
You will all be missed so much! Good luck on your next adventures, just remember you’ll always be a part of the #lexisfamily 🌟🇦🇺

Joan, Rika & Soonji are graduating from Sonia & Hayley’s Intermediate Class.IMG_4425Joan has progressed well at this level. He makes valuable contributions to class discussions and can express his own ideas and opinions effectively. Good luck Joan!

Rika is a motivated and capable student and has achieved consistently high test results. We wish you all the best Rika!

Soonji participated well in all class activities and always worked hard in class. Thank you for your attitude and particpations Soonji, good luck!

Yukihisa is graduating from Jonny’s Pre-Intermediate Class.IMG_4427Yuki arrived with very little English but has progressed a lot and has become more communicative. He was a positive and happy student who was well liked in class and will be missed. Good luck Yuki!

Manuel is graduating from Sheryl’s Upper-Intermediate Class. IMG_4416Manuel is a motivated student who participated in all class activities with an excellent attitude. He is now able to communicate with native speakers and express his own ideas and opinions. All the best Manuel!

Keina is graduating from Patricia’s Elementary Class.IMG_4403Keina is an excellent student and participated very well in class. She was a pleasure to have here and made good progress. We wish you all the very best Keina!

Alice, Maria, Gabriel & Jade are graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.IMG_4428IMG_4426Alice has had an excellent approach to learning and has put a great deal of effort into her English/ IELTS students and, as a result has improved significantly. We will miss you so much Alice, all the best!

IMG_4429Jade has consistently worked hard to improve her English language skills and has demonstrated a high level of ability in reading and listening communication. Good luck & all the best Jade!

IMG_4370Maria has put quite a lot of effort into her English & IELTS skills and made significant progress in reading and writing. She contributed regularly and enthusiastically to class discussions and completed all assigned tasks. Good luck Maria, and all the best!

IMG_4365Gabriel has worked hard throughout the IELTS Course and has made significant progress in his use of English in terms of fluency and grammatical accuracy. You have been a pleasure to have here Gabriel, we wish you all the best!

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