New Students 28.05.2018

A very warm welcome to JiHyun, Stefanie, Ryoji & Keina!
We hope you have a great first day & enjoy your time here at Lexis Sunshine Coast!28.05.2018

Joah is from South Korea where she worked at an Urban Music Entertainment company as a Marketer for 4 years. She decided to come to Australia for a working holiday & hopes to experience something new as Australia is quite the opposite to Korea.

Stefanie is from St. Gallen, Switzerland where she worked as a Businesswoman for Municipal Administration. She is here to improve her English and decided on Australia as it is her dream country to go to.

Ryoji is from Hyogo, Japan where he was a Student at University. He is here as he wanted to study abroad and decided to come here as the location of the Sunshine Coast interests him.

Keina is from Japan where she was studying Occupational Therapy. She is here studying English as she wants to be able to communicate with people from other countries.

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