HSP Student Profile: Haruka

On Tuesday Terrie from Coolum State High School came to visit Haruka from Japan who is currently studying in our High School Preparation Class. She was given lots of information & is excited to start at Coolum High School at the beginning of July ☺️
Now here is a little bit of information about Haruka…IMG_4229

Full Name: Haruka Uezu

Nickname(s): Haru, U-chan

About me: Hello, my name is Haruka. I was born May 19th in Japan. I have a brother. He want to be a motorcycle racer. My hobbies are eating and watching movies. My favorite English actors are Angelina Jolie and Michelle Rodriguez.

Why are you studying English: The reason why I study English is to speak English well because my dream is to be a hotel concierge. To become hotel concierge, you must speak another language, so I am studying English.

Which high school you will go to after Lexis: Coolum State High School in Australia.

A special skill or talent you have: I Can do kendo.

Your most embarrassing moment:  I broke my host family’s toilet.

Your favorite place in the World: Big Island in Hawaii

Something you don’t want your mother to know: I bought expensive clothes.




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