Graduating Students 25.05.2018

Congratulations to our graduating students at Lexis Sunshine Coast. You have all been such a wonderful part of the #lexisfamily & will be missed by all.

Peet is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class.IMG_4226IMG_4222Peet has been a fantastic and popular member of the group. He worked well in pair and group work. He can manage most everyday situations but has to continue to listen and practise speaking as much as possible when he goes back to Thailand. He has been a pleasure to teach and will be missed! All the best for the future, Peet!

Jiravut is graduating from Simon’s FCE Class.IMG_4224Jiravut is an interesting and well-mannered student who gets along well with others. He made some valued contributions to class discussions and has interesting and creative writing. Good luck in the future Jiravut!

Alexandr & Bruno are graduating from Jonny’s Intermediate Class.IMG_4223Alexandr is a very respectful and kind student. He interacted well with other class members and always made an effort to join in class discussions. All the best with the Business Course!

Bruno is a highly motivated and bright student who always made an effort in speaking exercises and became a popular member of the class. He made great improvements in his speaking. Good luck & all the best Bruno!

Gilles is graduating from Sheryl’s Pre-Intermediate Class.IMG_9595Gilles worked so incredibly hard during his time at Lexis. He completed his homework and participated in class activities. His class will really miss him. Best wishes Gilles!

Benjamin, Tatpiya & Cristiana are graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.IMG_4217

IMG_4225Benjamin was only in the class for two weeks yet he has demonstrated proficiency in all his English skills. He can use an extensive range of vocabulary with precision & fluency. Good luck in your IELTS Exam, we wish you all the very best!

IMG_4221Tatpiya has made excellent progress in all her English/ IELTS skills, especially in writing and reading. She has also demonstrated a sound understanding of test strategies and gained confidence in her speech. All the best Tatpiya!

IMG_4220Although Cristiana has also only studied IELTS for two weeks, she contributed regularly to class discussions and demonstrated the ability to produce a high level of lexical knowledge and accuracy. We wish you all the best Cristiana!

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