New Students 08.05.2018

Welcome Sein, Rika, Viola, Francisco & Feiteng!
We hope you have a wonderful first day & enjoy your time here at Lexis Sunshine Coast!08.05.2018Sein is from Jeollabuk-do, Korea where she worked as an E.M.T (Paramedic). She is here because she wants to work internationally as a Paramedic and because her brother lives on the Sunshine Coast.

Rika is from Chiba Prefecture, Japan where did International Trade Clerical Work at a Logistics company. She is here as she wants to improve her English skills and chose to come to Australia because of the friendly people and the beautiful sea.

Viola is from Vienna, Austria where she was a Student at High School. She is here to improve her English as apart of her ‘Study Abroad’ through her school and decided to come to Australia because it is a beautiful country & she had a friend she could stay with here.

Francisco is from Mexico City, Mexico where he worked as a Administration Manager, while studying his Masters of Project Management. He is here as his Aunt lives on the Sunshine Coast and she has told him Lexis is a good school for him to improve his English. It has always been his dream to travel to Australia, so he is finally getting to experience it.

Feiteng is from Beijing, China. He is here because his wife works here and he believes Australia is a very beautiful country. He is excited to study and improve his English quickly.


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