Graduating Students 04.05.2018

A big congratulations to our graduating students at Lexis Sunshine Coast! Today we are saying goodbye to some amazing students who have made such a positive impact on our #lexisfamily ✨ Good luck, you will all be missed!

Indi is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.IMG_3312IMG_3315

Indi has worked extremely hard and has demonstrated a very high level of English in a variety of contexts. She is also familiar with IELTS strategies and has performed really well in the mock tests. All the best Indi, we will miss you!

Risa and Melanie are graduating from Liz & Sonia’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_3324

Risa has demonstrated a reasonable understanding of grammatical and lexical constructs and is continually improving because she is an enthusiastic student who is involved and always asks questions. She is a hard-working student and will be missed. Good luck Risa!IMG_3321

Melanie is a diligent student who demonstrates solid understanding of the English language, she is particularly a very strong speaker. She has been a wonderful addition to the class and school. Good luck & all the best Melanie.IMG_3318

Romaine, Nadja & Takuya are graduating from Sheryl’s Pre-Intermediate Class. IMG_3311

Romaine is highly motivated to learn English and has achieved excellent results in all skill areas. He has made valuable contributions to class discussions and we he continues his studies after he leaves Lexis. All the best for your travels & future Romaine!IMG_3306

Nadja has worked really hard in class to achieve good test results. She interacts well with other students and participated in class discussions. She is capable across all skill areas and will be missed. Good luck & all the best Nadja!IMG_3302

Takuya has worked hard at this level and achieved good test results. He participates and interacts with other students. He has had an excellent attitude during his time here. We wish you the very best Takuya!IMG_3309

Josep is graduating from Jonny’s Intermediate Class.IMG_3332IMG_3331IMG_3328Since arriving at Lexis, Josep has made huge progress in his English across all skill areas. His communication skills have progressed great in particular. This is a testament to his positive and hardworking approach to class. He is a very popular member of the group and will be greatly misses. We wish you all the best Josep!

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