Graduating Students 20.04.2018

Congratulations to everyone graduating today, it’s been great having you all apart of the #lexisfamily ✨ We wish you all the best!


Carlos is graduating from Dave’s Upper-Intermediate Class. IMG_2532His progress has been steady and consistent. He uses new language and grammar forms and self-corrects his mistakes. He was a pleasure to have in the class & will be missed. Good luck & all the best Carlos!

Pascal is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.IMG_2540He has worked really hard to apply his newly acquired English skills in his speech and writing. He has demonstrated the ability to use a variety of high-level grammar structures with reasonable accuracy. Good luck in your future Pascal!

Yuka is graduating from Jonny’s Intermediate Class. IMG_2539Yuka is a very bright and motivated student who is always trying her best and pushing herself to achieve more. She is engaged in learning English both in and outside of the classroom. She has a very positive and happy attitude and is well-liked by all the other students. We wish you all the very best Yuka!

Eva is graduating from Sheryl’s Pre-Intermediate Class.IMG_2541She is able to express herself clearly and her writing skills are good at this level. She works well with other students and participates in class activities. She worked hard in this class and received good results. Well done & all the best Eva.

Libor is graduating from Owen’s Elementary Class.IMG_2537IMG_2538It was a lot of fun getting to know him and to learn about all of his travels. He had an amazing commitment to his studies. We wish you all the best in your future Libor!

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