Graduating Students 13.04.2018

Congratulations & farewell to Miroslav, Mariana & Vivi.
We hope you enjoyed you time at Lexis Sunshine Coast. All the best!!

Miroslav & Mariana are graduating from Jonny’s Intermediate Class.IMG_2308Miroslav has improved all skill sets a lot over his time here at Lexis, particularly his speaking & listening. He was always a very active member of the class and was always willing to participate. He has been a popular student and has made all efforts to progress outside the class as well. Well done Miroslav, all the best for your future!

Mariana is an attentive and bright student who always makes an effort in class. She contributes to discussions and works well with other class members. She has been making good progress, especially with her speaking. Good luck in Brisbane Mariana!

Vivi is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. IMG_2307IMG_2309Vivi has been a pleasure to teach and will be missed. She has attained good speaking and listening skills and should feel comfortable in most every day situations. Thank you Vivi & all the best!


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