Graduating Student’s 06.04.2018

Congratulations to our graduating students that finished Lexis Sunshine Coast on Friday, we will miss you!

Juan is graduating from Anne’s Cambridge Advanced ClassIMG_2260IMG_2262Juan responded well to the challenges in CAE and offered interesting ideas and opinions. He displayed a positive attitude and interest in progressing his skills. Good luck in your Business Course Juan, see you around!

Yukiyo is graduating from Patricia’s Pre-Intermediate Class. (No Photo)
Yukiyo participated very well in class and it has been very nice seeing her confidence grow. We wish you the very best for your future Yukiyo!

Silvana & Jorge are graduating from Dave’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_2261Silvana’s English has improved a lot since the beginning of her course. She is able to express complex thoughts and ideas about complex topics in a measured, balanced and accurate way. Best of luck Silvana!

Jorge is a disciplined student who participated greatly in class and always helped others. It was great to see a student favour English discourse over his native tongue. Good luck Jorge!

Nitchapan is graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.(No Photo)
Nitchapan has put a lot of effort into improving her English skills and has gained confidence in both speaking and writing. She has also developed a basic understanding of IELTS strategies. Good luck & all the best in your future Nitchapan!


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