New Students 12.03.2018

Welcome to Lexis Sunshine Coast!
We hope you have a great first day & enjoy your time with us!12.03.2018Jelena is from Zurich, Switzerland where she works as a Nurse in a Hospital. She chose to come to Australia for the good weather and is studying English for her job and because it is the universal language and will make it easier to meet & speak to new people.

Nadja is from Oberegg, AI, Switzerland where she was working in a restaurant. She is here as she needs to improve her English for work and chose Australia because it is a nice country and she has heard heaps of good things.

Eric is from Fribourg, Switzerland where he just finished College in June 2017 and has been working a bit before coming here. He is studying English as he needs it for his work as a Journalist and chose to come to Australia to discover a different country.

Joan is from Barcelona, Spain where he studied Nutrition & Dietetics. His friend told him about Lexis which is what made him come here and wanted to experience the weather, surf and different job opportunities.

Soonji is from Tokyo, Japan where he studied Forestry. He is here to enjoy the beautiful Australian scenery and to improve his English as he wants to be able to speak good English.

Yuka is from Fukuoka, Japan where she worked at a Stock Company as an Operator. She is here studying English because she wants to make foreign friends and chose Australia because the people are so kind, the weather is good & the beaches are beautiful.

Yukiyo is from Ehime, Japan where she works as an Acupuncturist. She is studying English because she wants to work on a Cruise Ship as an Acupuncturist so will have to be able to communicate. She chose to come to Australia because she loves the ocean and wants to spend her time by the sea.

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