Graduating Students 16.02.2018

A big congratulations to our graduating students today at Lexis Sunshine Coast.
Well done, you should all be really proud of your achievements!

Chulaluck, Romain & Nao are graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.IMG_9701Chulaluck has put a lot of effort into improving her language skills, She has demonstrated the ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written skills. All the best Chulaluck!

Romain has made reasonable progress in his English skills, especially in reading and speaking. Good luck & all the best for your future Romain!

Nao has made excellent progress in all her English language skills in a relatively short period of time, especially in the areas of speaking and listening. We wish you the very best Nao!

Emi & Moon are graduating from Jonny’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_9697Emi has been a pleasure to have in the class. We have seen a huge improvement in her speaking and language use. She is always active in class and not shy to ask questions. She always bought a very positive and enthusiastic energy to the classroom. All the best Emi!

Moon was an active and popular member of the class. We have seen improvements in his language use and particularly his listening. He was a very positive influence on the students around him and was always willing to participate. Good luck Moon!

Alexandra is graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_9698Alex is a highly motivated and diligent student and has made strong gains across all skill and language areas in the time she has been here. She always interacted well with other students and made valuable contributions to classroom activities and discussions. Well done & all the best Alex!

Juan is graduating from Hayley’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_9700Juan has achieved fantastic results. He is a very friendly and motivated student who always interacted well with other students. Thank you for your positive attitude, we will miss you. Good luck Juan!


Today we also say goodbye to one of our wonderful teachers Dylan.
The students & staff will miss you, all the best for your next adventure! 

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