Graduating Students 02.02.2018

Congratulations to our graduating students, all the best with your next adventures.
We will miss you!!

Chiharu is graduating from Simon’s FCE Class.IMG_9232Chiharu is a hardworking student dedicated to improvement. She worked well with a variety of students and made valued contributions to the class. Good luck in your future Chiharu!

Frederico is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. IMG_9230Fred had sound understanding of the basic structures when he arrived at Lexis and how now consolidated his grammar and also learnt new vocabulary. He was a popular member of class and participated well in group and pair work. We wish you the very best for your future Fred!

Ayako, Miguel & Ana are graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_9229Ayako has worked well and been a motivated student. She interacted well with other class members and made valuable contributions to class discussions and activities. Well done & good luck Ayako!

Miguel is a hardworking student but also injected a lot of fun and enthusiasm into the class. He always worked really well with students from many different countries and will be missed! Good luck & all the best for your future Miguel!

Ana demonstrates a solid understanding of grammatical and lexical structures. She’s also a highly capable speaker and listener who has worked hard to achieve her goals. Well done Ana, we wish you the very best!

Dario & Sofia are graduating from Ellie’s Cambridge Advanced Class. IMG_9231Dario is a very high level in all skills but his speaking and writing are particularly high. He always had an excellent attitude towards learning and worked hard in the time he was here. Best of luck with you future Dario!

Sofia’s English is sound and sophisticated in all skill areas. She was a pleasure to have in the class and will be missed by everyone. Well done & all the best Sofia!

Sabrina & Yael are graduating from Jonny’s Upper-Intermediate Class.
(No Photo)

Sabrina is a very enthusiastic and willing student who always makes an effort in class. Every one here has really enjoyed the positive energy she brings to class, and will be missed by her classmates. Good luck & all the best in your future Sabrina!

Yael has only been here for a short time but it has been a pleasure having her in the class. She has made a particularly good effort to practice outside of the class and has taken full advantage of the opportunities that studying in a multi-lingual environment can offer. We wish you all the very best Yael!

Anna & Daniela are graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.
(No Photo)

Anna was only with us for a short time but she has contributed regularly to group and class discussions and completed all of her assigned tasks punctually and accurately. Good luck with your University studies Anna!

Daniela has worked incredibly hard to improve all of her English skills in her time here at Lexis and has demonstrated the ability to communicate effectively in a wide variety of contexts. It was wonderful having you here with us for so long Daniela, good luck on your next adventure!



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