HSP: Bonding with Japanese Students

Over the last few weeks we have been busy enjoying the company of another study tour from Japan. Many new friendships were created with these beautiful young people, and we all had a whole lot of fun during the three weeks they were here. It was an exciting few weeks and it was difficult to say goodbye! Let’s take a look at what we got up to with our Japanese friends …


In groups, students were given the task of building the best sand castle in order to win a prize. What we got was pretty creative …

Although the groups were pretty competitive, I think they all had a great time!

The finished sand castles …

… and the winners …



We were lucky enough to join the Japanese students as part of our Aboriginal Studies unit to try out our Aboriginal art skills on boomerangs.

… hmmm, not quite ‘aboriginal’ art!!


Take a look at these finished projects …



Or course, we HAD to play as many ‘Aussie’ sports as we could! We started with ultimate frisbee (not really ‘Australian’ but definitely NOT Japanese)!

Then we ended up with cricket!

It was such a great experience with such a lovely group of Japanese people! We had a great time and we were so excited to meet you and join in the fun with all of you. We hope you had a great time in Australia, on the Sunshine Coast!

Join us next time as we welcome some new students who will be visiting us from China for 3 weeks, we can’t wait to meet you! We will also be saying goodbye to one of our longest running HSPers, Boss. Don’t miss it!

Until then …

Owen (Teacher of H.S.P.)

Graduating Students 23.02.2018

Congratulations Nook & Youngjun !IMG_9900

Nook is graduating from Peter’s Intermediate Class. 

She has made good progress and should be confident about managing day to day situations. She has made great improvement in her writing and reading skills. She was a popular member of class and will be missed. All the best Nook!

Unfortunately we didn’t get a photo of Youngjun but he is graduating from Dave’s Intermediate Class.

He has especially developed his speaking skills and is able to communicate and express complex ideas and opinions. Keep working hard and you’ll achieve your goals, well done Youngjun!

New Students 19.02.2018

A big welcome to this wonderful bunch that joined us at Lexis Sunshine Coast yesterday. We hope you had a great first day! IMG_9829

Li Zi, Betty, Jiatong & Bessie are Students from a Private English School in Baoji, China.

Li Zi is here for a few weeks to try and improve his English and chose Australia because he likes the warm weather and the beach.

Betty is here to improve her English and is wanting to make international friends. She chose to come to Australia because one of her teachers is from here and he told them how beautiful it was, she also wants to see a Kangaroo.

Jiatong believes Lexis has a good environment to improve their English. She wanted to come to Australia because she thinks it is a beautiful place and loves the ocean.

Bessie chose to come to Australia because all of her friends and family told her Australia is a beautiful country and she wants to make new friends and learn about Western culture.

Laura is from Bogotá, Colombia where she just finished High School. She is here because she really wants to improve her English and chose Australia because of the excellent lifestyle.

Hanae is from Sapporo, Japan where she worked as a Train Conductor. She is here to improve her English for her job.

MiJin is from Jinju, South Korea where she works as a Social Worker. She chose to study at Lexis because her friends recommended it to her. She chose Australia to study as she can finish her course quicker here than in Korea.


Graduating Students 16.02.2018

A big congratulations to our graduating students today at Lexis Sunshine Coast.
Well done, you should all be really proud of your achievements!

Chulaluck, Romain & Nao are graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.IMG_9701Chulaluck has put a lot of effort into improving her language skills, She has demonstrated the ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written skills. All the best Chulaluck!

Romain has made reasonable progress in his English skills, especially in reading and speaking. Good luck & all the best for your future Romain!

Nao has made excellent progress in all her English language skills in a relatively short period of time, especially in the areas of speaking and listening. We wish you the very best Nao!

Emi & Moon are graduating from Jonny’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_9697Emi has been a pleasure to have in the class. We have seen a huge improvement in her speaking and language use. She is always active in class and not shy to ask questions. She always bought a very positive and enthusiastic energy to the classroom. All the best Emi!

Moon was an active and popular member of the class. We have seen improvements in his language use and particularly his listening. He was a very positive influence on the students around him and was always willing to participate. Good luck Moon!

Alexandra is graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_9698Alex is a highly motivated and diligent student and has made strong gains across all skill and language areas in the time she has been here. She always interacted well with other students and made valuable contributions to classroom activities and discussions. Well done & all the best Alex!

Juan is graduating from Hayley’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_9700Juan has achieved fantastic results. He is a very friendly and motivated student who always interacted well with other students. Thank you for your positive attitude, we will miss you. Good luck Juan!


Today we also say goodbye to one of our wonderful teachers Dylan.
The students & staff will miss you, all the best for your next adventure!