New Students 22.01.2018

A very warm welcome to Marcela, Nao, Solène & Anna joining us on the beautiful Sunshine Coast this morning.22.01Marcela is from Goiania, Brazil where she used to be a Photographer, Travel Agent & a Personal Secretary. She is here primarily to improve her English and chose to come her as her Sister-in-law lives here.

Nao is from Ishikawa, Japan but recently has been working as a Receptionist at Club Med in Phuket. She is here to improve her English for the IELTS Exam and chose to come here because of the beautiful beaches, people & culture.

Solene is from Collombey-Muraz, Switzerland where she was studying in a social school. She is here to discover a new country and is learning English because she needs it for her studies back home. She chose Austrlia because it’s a sunny & beautiful country and it is far from Switzerland so she might not get the chance to come back.

Anna is from Kraków, Poland where she worked as an Accountant but also had a Masters Degree in Human Resources. She is here because she would like to improve her English skills and refresh her mind before beginning her Master’s Degree in Accounting in March. Australia has been her dream and goal for a long time. The pictures she has seen on social media and people she has met have made her want to come here.

We hope you have a wonderful first day!

Today we are also welcoming 17 students from Kindai High School!! 🇯🇵
We are so excited to have you here with us and we hope you enjoy your stay on the sunny Sunshine Coast!

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