Graduating Students 19.01.2018

Lion is graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_9012Lion has produced some really strong test results and made good progress across all skill areas in the time he has been with us. He interacted well with other and will be missed. Good luck for your future Lion!

Sheryl is graduating from Sheryl’s FCE Class.IMG_9013Sheryl can express herself fluently and is able to communicate well with native speakers and other students. She has had an excellent attitude towards learning and will be missed. We wish you the very best Sheryl!

Bruna & Mariana are graduating from Jonny’s Upper-Intermediate Class.IMG_9015IMG_9014Bruna has worked very well in class, actively participating in discussions and interacting in English with other class members. She has been fully engaged in the target language, always asking questions when not fully understanding. Good luck & all the best Bruna!

Mariana has been a very positive, eager and bright presenc in the classroom. She has been fully engaged and has taken full advantage of the oppurtunities presented in the multilingual environment here at Lexis. She has been a pleasure to have in the classroom. We wish your all the best for your future Mariana!

Sruthi & Nasteho are graduating from Simon’s FCE Class.
Sruthi, despit being quiet-spoken was always very motivated to join in on class activities. She worked well on her own and with other classmates. All the best Sruthi!

Nasteho is a very bright and enthusiastic young student. She was always happy to contribute to class discussions and got along well with everyone. Good luck Nasteho!

Rosie is graduating from Patricia’s Pre-Intermediate Class.IMG_9008Rosie has been a pleasure to have at Lexis and participated very well in class. She has a wonderful attitude and her test results have been consistently high. We wish you the very best for your future Rosie!

Jinho & Arnaud are graduating from Steve’s IELTS Class.
(Unfortunately we don’t have a photo)

Jinho is a hardworking student who has made excellent progress in most of his English skills, especially in reading and listening. Well done & good luck in your future Jinho!

Arnaud is a diligent student who has made significant progress in all skill areas. He was an excellent addition to the class & will be missed. All the best Arnaud!

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