New Students 15.01.2018

Welcome to Lexis Sunshine Coast! Was so nice meeting you all this morning, we hope you had a wonderful first day! 15.01

Dario is from Buchs, Switzerland where he works as an Engineer. He is here to improve his English and chose Australia because of the weather, beaches, people and because he has never been here before.

Ramon is from Rapperswil, Switzerland where he worked in a Trust Office. He is here to learn English & have a good time and chose Australia because of the weather and the beautiful beaches.

Melanie is from Lucerne, Switzerland where she was studying Building Technology Planner. She loves travelling and believes it helps to be able to speak English. She chose Australia to study in because she loves to see new cultures and she had never been here before.

Mikel is from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain where he worked in Administration. He chose to come to Australia because of the weather, the waves for surfing & because he loves this country.

Sofia is from Belo Horizonte, Brazil where she was in her last year of High School. She is here to improve her English and to have an experience living on her own in a different environment. She chose Australia mainly because of the beaches & the culture but she had also heard a lot of good things about it from friends that have already traveled here.

Jan is from Guadalajara, Mexico where he worked as a Warehouse Keeper. He is studying English so that he has better opportunities for his future. He chose Australia because of the weather, surfing & kangaroos.

Malgorzata is from Warsaw, Poland where she worked as a Hairdresser. Her partner is about to start her studies so she wanted to use this opportunity to learn as much English as she could. They chose to come to Australia for 12 months to explore our beautiful country and to learn about a different culture.

Sudarat is from Buriram, Thailand where she was studying at University. She is here because she wants to learn more English and thinks Australians speak good English so wants to learn from them.

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