New Students 18.12.2017

A big Lexis welcome to these wonderful guys!18.12.17 Moon is from Seoul, South Korea where he was a University Student, studying Business Management. He is here because he is not good at speaking English so he wants to improve and chose Australia as a friend had recommended it.

Gabriel is from Lisbon, Portugal where he is an Engineer. He is here to improve his English skills before going on to study at an Australian University. He decided to come here to study because of the work, life balance and economical growth.

Pedro is from Franca, Brazil where he was studying Civil Engineering. He is here to improve his English and explore Australia. he chose to come here because he loves the hot weather.

William is from Barcelona, Spain where he has been studying a Bachelor of Biological Systems Engineering & working as a Gym Instructor. He is here to study English because he wants new experiences, to meet new people and to grow as a person. He decided to come to Australia because of all the beautiful things here.

We hope you have a great first day and enjoy your time with us here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast! ✨🌞

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