A very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us here at Lexis Sunshine Coast. What an amazing year we have had! Bring on 2018!
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Graduating Students 22.12.2017

Congratulations to all the amazing students graduating from Lexis Sunshine Coast today! We have a few really long term students sadly leaving today, we will miss you!
And to all the others of course we will miss you too, you have all been wonderful additions to the Lexis Family. All the best!! πŸŽ„πŸ€ΆπŸΌπŸŽ…πŸΌ

Kelly is graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class.

Kelly is a positive participant in class and is always eager to improve her English. She has improved a lot in all skill areas in her time her at Lexis. We will miss you Kelly! All the best at TAFE.

Yuji, Kate, Camilo & Vincent are graduating from Steve’s Advanced Class.

Yuji has put a lot of effort into improving his English skills and has demonstrated the ability to communicate effectively in most situation. He has been a wonderful addition to the school and will be missed. All the best Yuji!!

Kate has been with us here at Lexis for a long time so we are sad to see her go! She has made excellent progress in all of her English skills, especially in the areas of written and spoken communication. We wish you the very best Kate!

Camilo has worked really hard to improve all areas of his English and has gained confidence in both speaking and writing. He has been with us here at Lexis for over a year so we are sad to see him go but he will be returning in a few months to start the Business Course! Enjoy your time off Camilo!

Vincent has demonstrated a high level of English in both comprehension and written and spoken communication. We wish you all the best & enjoy your travels in Australia Vincent!

Reo & Eri are graduating from Christy’s IELTS Class.Β 

Reo has been a wonderful addition to Lexis and has improved so much in all areas over his time here. We hope you enjoy your University experience Reo, all the best for your future!

Eri has worked very hard in the past few months and has made incredible progress. She should be very proud of herself! Good luck & we hope you enjoy TAFE Eri!

New Students 18.12.2017

A big Lexis welcome to these wonderful guys!18.12.17 Moon is from Seoul, South Korea where he was a University Student, studying Business Management. He is here because he is not good at speaking English so he wants to improve and chose Australia as a friend had recommended it.

Gabriel is from Lisbon, Portugal where he is an Engineer. He is here to improve his English skills before going on to study at an Australian University. He decided to come here to study because of the work, life balance and economical growth.

Pedro is from Franca, Brazil where he was studying Civil Engineering. He is here to improve his English and explore Australia. he chose to come here because he loves the hot weather.

William is from Barcelona, Spain where he has been studying a Bachelor of Biological Systems Engineering & working as a Gym Instructor. He is here to study English because he wants new experiences, to meet new people and to grow as a person. He decided to come to Australia because of all the beautiful things here.

We hope you have a great first day and enjoy your time with us here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast! ✨🌞

Welcome Flight 4-17!

Today we have 5 new Military National Guard Officers from Saudi Arabia πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¦ joining the Lexis Sunshine Coast Family! 18.12We hope you enjoy your time here in Australia, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

New Students 11.12.2017

Welcome to our six new students joining the Lexis Sunshine Coast Family! We are so excited to have you here πŸ˜€Β 11.12Yunju is from Korea, she is here studying English as her sister lives here and has been studying at Lexis for a long time.

Miguel is from Barcelona, Spain where he works in Economics & was also a Dancer. He is here as he needs to improve his English for his work and chose Australia because the weather is amazing and the people are friendly he believes it is going to be a nice experience.

Agnieszka is from Gdynia, Poland but was living in Paris working as a Labour & Health Lawyer. She chose to come to Australia to studying English because of the weather and the lifestyle. She is really excited to see a Koala and Kangaroo while she is here!

Ana is from Cuiaba, Brazil where she was at High School. She is here because she lives the country and would like to speak better English.

Nana is from Tokyo, Japan where she was a student at School. She is here with her father for a short time to improve her English.

Ali is from Gansu Lanzhou, China where he was a student at High School. He is here to learn English before attending an Australian High School.