New Students 13.11.2017

A big welcome to our new students, we hope you have a wonderful first day here at Lexis Sunshine Coast!13.11Sungbin is from Seoul, South Korea where he was majoring in Clothing & Textiles at University. He is here as he wants to improve his English speaking abilities and chose Australia because of the nice weather.

Vincent is from Fribourg, Switzerland where he was in Secondary School. He is here to improve his English for his future studies in Economics and decided on Australia because of the sun & beaches.

Kohei is from Yamanashi, Japan where he was studying Culture at University. He is here because he wants to speak English fluently and also wants to travel the world using his English. He chose Australia because of it’s multiculturalism, and he can and learn and enjoy other cultures and make some new friends.

Joseis from Barcelona, Spain where he works for an Airline. He is here because he has always wanted to get to know this country & would also like to improve his English.

Jing Wen is from Henan, China where she was a High School Student. She is here to attend an Australian high school next year as she loves Australia.

Sergi is from Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain where he works in IT Technologies. He is studying English because he believes it is important for his future professionally & personally. He chose to come to Australia as he wanted a new adventure away from home.

Nao is from Nagasaki, Japan where she worked as a Nursery School Teacher. She chose to come to Australia as she thinks it is a really nice place and wants to make lots of new friends.

Be sure to give them a warm welcome if you see them around the school 🙂

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