Student Profile – Elly Park


This week we interviewed Elly Park who is a Korean student here at Lexis in Maroochydore. Elly arrived in September and she told us a little bit about her experience so far!

  1. When and why did you decide to come to Australia?

I worked in a trading company in Korea for four years, and as you know, working in a trading company means you need to communicate with foreigners so English is necessary. My main job was to export and import goods like chemicals and oils. Every day I had to send emails to Japan or Europe or America so every day I was using English but I felt that my English wasn’t good enough. I knew I needed to study English. My job was very tiring because sometimes I worked from 8am to 11pm or 2am and I was exhausted so coming to Australia was going to be a rest for me. Also, I was living in Seoul which is a very crowded city and I didn’t like living there. That’s why I came to live here in the Sunshine Coast, because it’s very peaceful and there aren’t a lot of people living here.


2. What is it like being a student in Lexis?

Lexis in the Sunshine Coast has beautiful views, great people and teachers! I love my teacher Hayley!

3. Have you made good friends here?

Yes! From all around the world. I have made friends friends from Japan, France and Korea. I have a lot of friends here.

4. What is your favourite part of the school day?

The activities are my favourite part of the day! Especially on Wednesdays making Sushi or wine tasting, for example, because they are for a short amount of time so I can take part in them before work.  I will never forget these experiences.

5. What does the future hold for you? 

I want to get an international job. I want to go to other counties and that’s why I am studying English now.


Thank you, Elly!


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