New Students 23.10.2017

Welcome to our five wonderful new students at Lexis Sunshine Coast!


Isabel is from Caracas, Venezuela where she works as an Economist in a Bank. She is studying English because she would like to be able to communicate better with her family, friends and just people in general. She chose to come to Australia to visit her son who has been working, studying & living here for about 4 years.

Rattanaporn is from Bangkok, Thailand where she works in Hospital Management. She is Studying English in Australia because she has a friend studying here and they had recommended that she came.

Aida is from Tarragona, Catalonia (Spain) where she just finished her Finance & Accounting degree at University. She is here because she wants to live an adventure and discover Australia.

Jorge is from Barcelona, Spain where he worked as an Arborist. He is here to improve his English and chose Australia to do so because he has always wanted to come and see Australia.

Kyoung Joo is from Korea where he worked as a Chef in a local Korean Restaurant. He has been in Australia for a while now studying at Lexis in Byron Bay. He decided to move to the Sunshine Coast to have another experience in Australia. His goal while he is here is to learn English & become a cook at a local restaurant.

We hope you have an amazing time on the Sunshine Coast, but an even better time with us here at Lexis!

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