Welcome to Our New Students! 16.10.2017

Welcome to our 6 new students joining the Lexis Sunshine Coast family! We hope you have a wonderful first day & enjoy your studies at Lexis English. 16.10Ayako is from Kobe, Japan where she is a Student at University – studying Foreign Studies & majoring in English. She is studying English for her future, she chose Australia as she holiday’d here for two weeks a number of years ago and decided she would study and stay here for a year this time.

Coralie is from Sierre, Switzerland where she was Studying Social Work. She is studying English because it is one of the most spoken languages of the world & speaking English can be an advantage for her future work. She chose Australia because she wanted to discover the culture, meet new people and be away from her family for the first time.

Arnaldo is from Madrid, Spain where he was studying Economics at University. He is here because he loves to travel and Australia is a multicultural country & is so beautiful.

Miroslav is from Prague, Czech Republic where he is a Bus Driver for a Tour Company. He is here because he needs to improve his English for his job and chose Australia because he wants to travel here!

Oscar is from Santa Coloma de Farners, Spain where he works as a Businessman. He is studying English because he thinks it is essential and he can travel the world with it. He decided on Australia because he visited here in 2006 and loved it!

Welyda is from Cuiaba, Brazil where she is a Student. She is studying English in Australia because she believes she will be able to learn it fast here by living the culture & because she loves the tropical climate and how beautiful the country is.


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