Graduating Students 13.10.2017

The whole school came together today to farewell a number of our wonderful students.


Most of them that are graduating have been with us for a long time… we will miss all of your faces around the school. Good luck & all the best!

IMG_4794IMG_4843Ayumi is graduating from Simon’s FCE Class. She has made steady progress across all language and skills areas during her time with us at Lexis. We hope you will be able to continue to improve your English when you leave. All the best for your future Ayumi!IMG_4810IMG_4845

Jungwook is graduating from Dylan’s Pre-Intermediate Class. He has improved a lot since starting a few months ago. Thank you for your time, efforts & participation in class. Good luck on your travels & for your future studies!


Dylan is graduating from Sonia & Liz’s Upper-Intermediate Class. He always interacted well with other students, made valuable contributions to class discussions and consistently achieved high test results. All the best Dylan!


Ilana is graduating from Hayley’s Intermediate Class. She achieved excellent results and participated well with other students. She has been an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom. We wish you the very best for your future Ilana!


Adam is graduating from Steve’s FCE Class. He has made progress in all of his English language skills and has definitely become more confident in his speech. You will be missed Adam, all the best!

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