New Students 9.10.2017

A warm welcome to our new students joining the Lexis Sunshine Coast family!
We hope you have the best first day! ✨

9.10Sira is from Zurich, Switzerland where she works as a Nurse. She decided to come to Australia because it is a beautiful country and she wanted to explore a new part of the world while improving her English to be able to speak to people from all around the world.

Haruka is from Sapporo – Hokkaido, Japan where she works at an Airport. She is here because she wanted to work in a different country and improve her English & chose Australia because the weather is very different to her home town.

Marina is from Obihiro City – Hokkaido, Japan where she is studying Veterinary Science at University. She wants to improve her English because she will need it to work as a vet & decided on Australia because she likes the beach, the whether, the wildlife & the people.

Alba is from Barcelona, Spain where she is studying a Journalism Degree. She is studying English because she wanted the experience of living & studying in a foreign country. She has always wanted to visit Australia as she thinks it is an amazing country with amazing places to visit.

Aitor is from Barcelona, Spain where he was studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Digital Communication and was working in a Marketing Department. It has always been a dreams for him to visit Australia so he decided to come study, live & work here.

Diego is from Sao Paulo, Brazil where he worked as an Electrical Engineer and an IT Consultant. He would like to improve his English skills to have more job opportunities in his country. He chose Australia for it’s lifestyle and because their are opportunities to work which will help him improve his English faster.

Alice is from Recife, Brazil where she works as an Environmental Engineer prior to that she worked at an Engineering company in Africa for almost 9 years. She is here because she needs English for her job and she believes it will open new opportunities in her life 7 career. She decided on Australia as she thinks it is an amazing country with a better quality of life, nature, the friendly people & because there are a lot of activities to do.

Yuko is from Miyagi, Japan where she worked as a Kindergarten Teacher. She is studying English as she wants her speaking skills to improve and she believes she can learn a lot from this school. She chose Australia because her Sister got married here & lives here.

Eddie is from Stockholm, Sweden where he worked at the International Airport. He is here to travel around a different country while learning English.

Yuki is from Shiga Prefecture, Japan where he was studying Business. He is learning English because he wants to be able to communicate with people from other countries. He chose Australia because he can also work while he is here & he wants to learn to surf.

Adria is from Barcelona, Spain where he was studying Marketing and working as a Lifeguard. He thinks Australia is the best place to learn English and likes the weather & the people.


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