New Students 3.10.2017

Welcome to our new students joining the Lexis family in the beautiful Sunshine Coast today! Enjoy your first day!


Jinho is from Seoul, Korea where he worked as an Asian Food Chef. He is here studying English as he needs to improve before going to TAFE. He previously lived in Australia for a few years, when he went back home to Korea all he wanted to do was to come back to Australia.

Chiharu is from Saitama, Japan where she was a Student at a College in Tokyo. She is wanting to improve her English skills so she can find a good job. She chose to come to Australia because it is a peaceful & good country.

Fabia is from Basel, Switzerland where she works as a Nurse. She is here to learn English because once she finishes her course she will backpack around Australia and wants to be able to talk with everyone. She wanted to come to Australia because she traveled here with her Mother two years ago and loved the nature & the people!

Stefanie is from St. Gallen, Switzerland where she works as a Dental-hygienist. She is here studying English because a lot of her friends studied English in Australia and recommended it. Australia is also a wonderful place for travelling.

Daniela is from Bogota, Colombia where she just graduated from High School in June. She is here because her father had studied English here before and she believes it will be a really good experience. She really likes Australia and having the beach so close is really interesting for her.

Juan is from Monteria, Colombia where he works as a Commercial Pilot. He is here as he wants to improve his English skills and chose Australia because there is a lot of beauty here and because there is the option to work which means they are able to earn money to travel and discover new places.

Wei-Cheng is from Taipei, Taiwan where he was working in Resource Recovery. He is here because he likes Australia and wants to experience a different life.

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